Stocks API – A Step Of Digitalization In Trading

Companies have certain ownership value. It is divided into fixed equal units known as shares of the company. The ownership value is divided equally amongst all the shares. The share value varies from company to company depending on their value in the market. The shares are distributed amongst the partners based on their concerned agreements. Some shares are kept available in the market for investors to purchase. Anyone can buy available shares in the market and acquire that fraction of ownership in the company. All the shares are collectively called Stock, and the exchange where companies stocks are available for trade is known as the Stock market. In this modern world, everything is associated with software and software tools. The stock market also has a software tool known as stocks api.

What is an api?

API is an application program interface when expanded. API is comprised of protocols, sets of routines and tools which emphasizes in developing software applications. API connects the user and the provider. It acts as a medium of transmission which delivers messages between the two ends. API is usually used to program graphical user interfaces (GUI). There are several APIs that are serving various companies which are working in the field of navigation, e-commerce, news feeding, etc. Operating windows also provide the service of API. The service of stocks api is essential in the stock market.

Service of stocks API

  • API maintains the data of historical or real-time on the current market trading financial assets. Public stock prices are also indicated using API.
  • The data provided by API helps in calculating the technical parameters in stocks which increases the flexibility in planning marketing strategies.
  • The price information provided by API helps in analyzing the market and making proper decisions in buying or selling stocks.
  • API’s are user friendly and enables the user to explore the market conveniently.
  • The stocks api is available in the mobile application. There are many API service providers available. These providers charge money for their service. The number of providers of API’s also increased.

The API establishes the connection between the stockbroker and the algorithms holding data. Its role is crucial in developing trading strategies. When an automatic trading strategy developer is used data provided by API is the basic source for the developer. The introduction of the automatic strategy developers increased the traffic for API users. API is also advanced to a level where the user itself can develop a program of his requirement. With the rise in several users, brokers came into picture providing investor-friendly features. Brokers enables investors to directly trade on their platform through API. They also have different applications like third-party applications, user applications.

However, stocks api changed the phase of trading and marketing in the stock market. The stock market is enjoying the services of API which made the job easier. The traders are one click away from the brokers and their investment. Trade details can also be analyzed including real-time and past trading data.

Tips To Effectively Increase Your Youtube Views and Subscribers

According to its definition, for many young folks, YouTube is often used to stream music videos, game programs, guidebooks, tips, shortcuts and more. Teens often use the video streaming site to join their favorite vloggers (film or video bloggers), link to other YouTubers and celebrities they are interested in. If you are one of the aspiring individuals who want to become a famous video blogger one day, start now and follow these simple tips to help you thrive through your Youtube journey and increase your views and subscribers effectively.

Commit to YouTube Uploading Several Days A Week

Recent studies have shown that YouTube channels that publish more than once a week do significantly higher and receive more suggested views. If possible, upload a video to YouTube three or four days a week, particularly if you are starting and trying to create an audience.

Create a Sustainable Video Development Workflow

You might be creating Oscar-worthy short films and photos, but if each video requires six months to get made, your videos do not have the chance to broaden your YouTube channel. Daily video uploads at common times are what draws viewers searching for more.

Start Each of the Videos With An Intriguing Hook

How you attract viewers depends on you and your material. If a video shows a project of some sort, first reveal the end product. A good outcome gets us more curious about learning how you have done it. When you launch a story stream, viewers would want to hang around and see what happens. Plus, personal tales are precious to the audience and will also have a helpful follow-up to more complex concepts.

Keep Names and Available Credits Short

The attention period of an individual is short. A long title or credit series at the beginning of a video can cause people to lose interest. Often, a lengthy opener discourages binge-viewing as viewers do not want to repeat the same long series over and over again. Alternatively, find the opening title and credits brief and strenuous. Do not make the entire opener longer than 5 seconds.

Hold Credits and Titles Short

An individual’s attention span is short. A lengthy list of titles or credits at the beginning of a video may lead viewers to lose interest. A lengthy opener often discourages television marathon, as viewers do not want to repeat the exact long series over and over again. Alternatively, make a fast yet punchy opening title yet credits. Allow no more than 5 seconds to the entire opener. End screens appear to function well while there is already chat and details provided to the audience by the on-screen presenter.

Buy Views and Subscribers

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Incident Response Exercises: What They Are And How To Set Them Up For Your Business

Is your business ready to respond to a cyberattack or security breach? And are you sure that your employees know how to respond to and report an incident should one occur? If you’re not convinced that your teams know your Incident Response Plan (IRP), you need to take action right away. Under GDPR businesses are legally obligated to report a cyberattack or data breach within 72 hours of discovering it. Not only this but as a business owner, you’ll want to address any harmful breaches and get things back to normal as quickly as possible. An effective Incident Response Plan is the way to do this.

So once you’ve got your IRP in place, how can you make sure your team is prepared to implement it? By running an Incident Response Exercise. In this guide, we’ll talk you through what an Incident Response Exercise is, why these are beneficial and how you can set these up for your business. Read on to find out more.

What is an Incident Response Exercise?

Your Incident Response Plan (IRP) is your blueprint for dealing with a security breach. Every business needs to get an effective IRP in place as part of remaining GDPR compliant and ensuring that staff can recognise and respond to an incident, to help them recover the data and stop the problem developing any further.

So where do Incident Response Exercises come in? These are practical ways to test and validate your IRP, challenge your staff and highlight any flaws in your plan that need to be addressed. For example, you may notice that not all staff know who to report a security breach to or that your plan doesn’t allow for you to report the breach within the allotted 72 hours. It is also a good way to ensure all employees know their roles and responsibilities, as well as re-educating them on how to spot the signs of a hacking or data breach through hands-on experience.

Incident Response Plan

These are an important part of staff training and can really help to keep your data secure and reduce the risk of a cyber attack. All those taking part in these exercises will deal with a staged or past incident set out by a senior member of the team, and through hands-on activities, they must implement the Incident Response Plan and address the breach. This can be great in highlighting any gaps in your IRP, as well as checking that staff know what they’re doing.

As a general rule, the exercise aims to test your team and your IRP against the following questions, so it’s a good idea to keep these in mind when we cover how to set up an Incident Response Exercise in the next section:

  • What should you do if you encounter a breach?
  • Who do you report it to?
  • How long do you have to report the problem and when should you report it?
  • What are the roles of everyone in the team?
  • What roles do the legal and IT teams play?
  • What resources are available to you should you need them?

How can you set up an Incident Response Exercise in your business?

There are several ways you can approach these Incident Response Exercises depending on how big your team is and how far you want to go with it. Below we’ll look at the aspects that you need to take into consideration when setting up one of these exercises, as well as the types of scenarios you can choose for your team.

Incident Response Exercise in your business

Deciding who needs to take part

Who takes part in these exercises will depend on the size of your business. For example, if you are a large organisation (of over 250 employees), it might be impossible to involve every single team member. In these instances, you might wish to invite only managers and senior staff and ask them to relay the information to their teams at a later date. Alternatively, you could run several training sessions until everyone has attended.

For those who run smaller businesses, you may be able to include everyone on your team, even if you have to run more than one exercise. It can be tricky getting everyone involved, but it really pays to ensure that your whole workforce is aware of your IRP and what they should do if they notice a breach or any suspicious behaviour. But in the end, it is down to your discretion who is involved in the training exercise, just be sure that the activities/scenarios you set out corresponds with the number of people taking part.

Deciding which type of exercise to run

When planning an Incident Response Exercise there are different approaches you can take. You need to choose what is referred to as an ‘input’ this is essentially the task you’re going to set for your team to tackle. You can pick from any of the different types of inputs, these include:

Scenarios: This requires setting up a fake situation that supports the objectives of the exercise i.e. implementing the IRP. The situation you set up is used to give context to those participating and you then see if they are able to identify the causes of the fake breach and how they respond to it.

Internal reports: These are reports which contain information that indicate a security issue and the team must identify what has happened. If you use real case studies from your business you may need to get permission from third-parties allowing you to include sensitive information.

Media reports: Providing articles about well-known businesses that have been victims of cybercrime and the details of the case.

Scripted injects: Not strictly an input in its own right, but in order to develop your given scenarios or case studies, you can have new information delivered mid-exercise to expand the discussion. This can make it more realistic and encourages staff to adapt and think more critically.

A contingency plan: This is a dryer approach and simply provides staff with all the risk management documents outlining everyone’s role, the processes that are in place and what needs to be done to address a security breach. You’ll go over these during the exercise.

Making sure you’ve got everything prepared

The final part of setting up your Incident Response Exercises is ensuring you’ve got all the materials (also referred to as outputs) that you need to conduct the tasks. These could be agendas, handouts, media or internal reports, notes, plans or anything else that your team are going to need in order to complete the exercise as effectively as possible.

6 Ways to Promote Websites on Social Media in 2020

There is no denying that social media is incredibly important to the success of business in 2020. According to a study conducted by Emarsys in 2019, 3.5 billion people use various social media platforms. Therefore, it is imperative to create a great social media strategy for your website. Business promotion on social media could be the deciding factor between your company doing well or declining sales. How does someone use this tactic to their advantage? Here is how you can promote your business on social media.

  1. You Must Have a Social Media Presence

As a business owner, promoting your business on social media may appear daunting. However, creating a social media strategy for your website is easier than you think. A very basic thing is to have a social media presence. If you don’t have an account, it’s time to establish yourself online. The most important aspect of owning a social media account is building a strong presence for yourself.  Here are a few useful steps:

  • Determine which social network fits your company. There are many different platforms to promote your website. Before focusing all of your energy on LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter, figure out which social media site makes sense for your business goals.
  • Create your social media accounts once you have determined which ones to use. Make sure you maintain consistency across all social media platforms when it comes to user names. You do not want to have different usernames for every platform. Fill out your profiles and add cover photos.
  • If your company has decided to use something like Instagram as a means of business promotion on social media, make sure you make put up posts that are of value to your audience.
  1. Join LinkedIn Groups

Optimizing LinkedIn is one of the best ways to promote your business on social media. While you cannot join other LinkedIn groups through your company’s LinkedIn page, you can use your personal account to do the same. By joining groups that are relevant to what your company does, you are opening the door to a world that shares and likes content that is specific to your niche. Promote your content by posting blog posts that your connections may find helpful. It is also suggested that you communicate within the group naturally so as to not seem unauthentic and pushy.

  1. Take Advantage of Ads on Social Media

Business promotion on social media should include ads. However, your budget should have a certain spending cap for ads on social media platforms. Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn offer ads and promotions. Keeping people’s interests in mind, you can choose who sees your ads. Analyze your email lists to gather the information that you need for targeting both past and current customers.

Social media

  1. Hashtag Success

Where would social media be without hashtags? Leveraging hashtags is one of the most popular ways to promote your business on social media. Hashtags are how you can stretch yourself to reach people, especially trending hashtags. You can earn more exposure by keeping an eye on what is currently trending. Take a look at what is trending and write a post around it on your website. This way you can promote your blog and add the trending hashtag, which will provide you with a lot more traction. Here’s an example: A common hashtag on Thursday is #ThrowbackThursday. Write a blog post around the hashtag tying it with your company’s products, services, news, or events. Make sure it also adds value to your readers at the same time.

  1. Contests and Giveaways Are Great!

Who doesn’t love a contest or a giveaway? The interactive aspect and the excitement of winning something make it interesting for people. It makes customers feel involved and curious about your new product or service. It will also make them eagerly wait for the next time you launch a campaign. Create a landing page on your website that you promote on social media. This will get people involved and drive traffic back to your website. This idea will also earn you a lot of new email addresses, which can be used in your next email marketing campaign.

  1. Share Testimonials from Customers

Potential consumers feel inspired by other customers who give companies good reviews. Make sure that there is a place on your website where customers can share their experiences. Promote these testimonials online too. Also, encourage customers to share their reviews on social media so that potential customers can see how other people feel about your business.

When looking for ways to promote your business on social media, it’s very normal to feel like you are a little fish in an ocean. There are so many companies that do something similar to yours, who may have more followers and more exposure. But unique social media marketing ideas will always fetch great attention.

Author Bio: Emily Standley provides creative entrepreneurs, small businesses and bloggers with expert website strategies and resources to grow a more powerful online presence and build a better business from anywhere. Her philosophy is: “If your website’s not making money, it’s wasting your time”.

5 Effective Ways to Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rates

It goes without saying that a high conversion rate is crucial to the success of an online business. What is a conversion rate? It is nothing but the percentage of all the visitors that visit your website who complete a desired action such as take a survey, buy a product, or register on your website. This is similar to the footfall in a physical store; some might make the purchase while others might browse the store and leave. The conversion rate helps you understand how engaging your content is and thereby helps you make necessary changes to your content marketing strategies.

Some Factors that Affect Conversion Rates

  • The reputation of your brand – the greater the reputation of your brand, the higher is the conversion and the easier to achieve it.
  • The price – people usually judge the quality of a product based on its price.
  • The product – the greater the quality of the product, the greater is the conversion.
  • The commitment level – if your desired action requires little effort, you are likely to get more people to do it. But actions like signing up for a complex service that requires research or awareness might not attract a lot of people.

5 Effective Ways to Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rates

Here are 5 ways to increase your conversion rates.

  1. Optimize Your Website

A well-structured website with properly organized pages are the first step towards increasing your conversion rates as they will help users easily find the information they are looking for. This is because it is easy for the search engine bot to crawl your site. Also, make sure that instead of touching upon a plethora of topics in your blog section, it is always better to talk about your niche and so that you can cater to a specific audience and thus boost your conversions. A well-structured website and curated content will help you attract more visitors.

  1. Create Quality Content

Content is the most important factor on your website that can be used to increase your conversion rate. The quality of your content also determines how each page of your website will show up in organic searches. Make sure your content has been crafted for humans and not for bots. Yes, keyword optimization is a necessity. But keyword stuffing is not the right way to go about increasing your conversion rate. Overloading your content with terms that appeal to search engines will put your readers off. Make sure you blend your keywords in naturally so that the content flow is not jeopardized.

  1. Add Visual Elements

Adding the right visual elements can help you attract potential customers, generate leads, and, increase your sales, and of course, increase your conversion rates. It is a fact that visual elements engage the audience better as opposed to giant blocks of text. The human brain processes visual content faster than texts. Visual content marketing is one of the best techniques that you can put to use to exploit this aspect of the brain. Visual content can be used to make a persuasive argument with your prospective customers. Quality GIFs, videos, images, and infographics can be used to woo your audience and to break the monotony in the text. If you are looking for increasing conversions, make use of visual elements.


  1. Optimize Your Landing Pages

Your landing pages need to be very convincing and smart in order to increase your conversion rates. Narrow the focus of your page to potential customers as it is pointless to create an aimless landing page. Give all necessary information on the landing page; you lose visitors on the landing page, you lose them forever. Smart CTA buttons guide the visitor to the desired action in the sales funnel. It increases your click-through rate and adds to your conversion rate. CTA buttons should always be short and specific such as Register, Click Here, Download Now, Order Now.

If your conversions from forms are not satisfactory, it is high time you had a second look at its structure. Is your form too much work? Does it have too many fields that will put people off? The trick is to come up with a smart form that only asks for only the essential pieces of information. Reduce the number of fields and do away with all optional fields. Ask straightforward questions in the form and give clear action buttons at the end. Send them a confirmation mail once you receive the filled out form.

  1. Use Testimonials

According to a survey conducted by Dimensional Research, 90 per cent of customers depend on reviews to make a purchase decision. Positive reviews of customers help businesses build goodwill. This is why you should use powerful testimonials to improve your conversion rates. If picked smartly, the testimonials can act as proof of your credibility and trustworthiness. Stay away from anonymous testimonials as they are less authentic. The best way to go about it would be to link the testimonial to the customer’s social media profile. Also, go creative and visual by using video testimonials. Always make sure that each testimonial you put up on the website highlights some measurable benefit of your product or service.

A high conversion rate reflects your deft marketing techniques and their execution. It also throws light into the effectiveness of your UX design as a high conversion rate is also associated with user experience. An impressive conversion rate is crucial to successful sales volume. This is why conversion rate optimization is of one of the fastest ways to convert your website visitors into customers.

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Here Is Why Companies Are Now Using Animated Videos

Content tied in with recounting a story. Regardless of whether it’s a story about your product, your clients, or possibly consistency changes, your fundamental objective as a content crafter is to share a message that propels, convinces, and persuades your crowd to make a move. The narrative is just in the same class as its execution. Consider it. If you have an extraordinary story, however, deliver it ineffectively, your crowd is less inclined to make a move. That is the place animated video can help. Animated videos have gotten one of the most useful assets for your promoting attempts. Their capacity lies in the way that they can recount the story of your product.

If one experiences the market signs, they can exploit the selling recommendations where promoting products have bigger co-effective to impact the crowd from others. The more astute organizations are, as of now, mindful of the significance of animation in business. Videos are an extraordinary method to build client commitment, brand mindfulness. Animated videos can be a great help to boost your website through its promotions.

Set aside Your Time and Cash

Dissimilar to live-activity videos, animations don’t age rapidly. In live-activity videos, styles from two or three years back look ludicrously dated at this point. Picking an animation instead will set aside your cash as it will stay fresher-searching for more and should refresh less as often as possible. If you are planning to promote your business, you can check out animation studios Melbourne and see what they can offer you.

Move Emotion Effectively

Video animations capture the viewers easily. Through creative content, a product you are promoting will easily climb the ladder as people will view your animation more often. Since PC designs can utilize world-setting or any dominant side, it can catch the creative mind of the crowd also. Indeed, even with the absence of sound and messages, it can say a lot by conveying through straightforward developments effectively.

Memorable Impression

Enduring and Memorable Impression

By using advertising in a progressively original structure, businesses and brands have the advantage of leaving a critical impression to present and potential new clients. The thought of having to show off your products through the right images can boost your business. That is why many advertisers rely on animations to promote their products.

These days best animated promotional videos and campaigns help you in promoting brands. This one will assist with bringing issues to light and make individuals intrigued by your crusade. At the point when you have a brilliant animated ad that can resound well with all age gatherings, the odds are that individuals would impart it to one another and talk about the equivalent. This reason can generally make a very much created animated commercial a viral sensation. During a time where everybody needs to cause a buzz, if your notice can become famous online, it will be an incredible lift for you and your image all in all.

Powerful And Effective Business Strategies Today

All of us are dreaming of having our own business in the future. It is included in our plans and goals in life that needed to be achieved. Some of us have a timeline, and some do not have. But as soon as we attend school and learn about life, we are starting to dream. Then, as we grow older, we tend to have plans already to attain our goals in life. Then, as we turn to adults, we will start to work hard for us to live our dream. But we know that it will not be a comfortable journey for everyone. Some could take their dreams and goals based on their desired target, and some would take it on an unexpected journey.

Today, many businesses are continuing to rise. In the old times, businesses were just a large enterprise that we still have until today. But nowadays, there are many small-medium enterprises also that are continuing to make their name in the business world. It is why we have many industries around the world. This is because of the success of different people through their businesses. Some of the known industries that we have today are:

  • Electronics
  • Mining
  • Music
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Entertainment
  • Health care
  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Education
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Telecommunication
  • Computer
  • Aerospace
  • Transport


These are just some of the top industries that we have today. Most people who are dreaming and planning to have a business are aiming to enter one of these industries. As we can see, all the things that we need are just around us. It is not hard today to find the services that we need for ourselves and our family. This is because of the advanced technology that we have that modernized the way of living today in every country. Because of this, demand from people increases. This is why there are many rising businesses today that offer their claimed unique goods and services. As a result, competition among these businesses is very high. This leads to firms to find practical ways that they can use for the brand strategy and marketing.

Nowadays, many providers will help a business today to know how to strategize and know the identity of a company that will help it be different among other companies. As soon as we already know what our business is, planning out the different approaches and trying the different strategies will be the next step that we should be careful of. After we plan, it is our time to reach the people about the business for them to be aware that your business exists.

Once we have established our business already, the next that we will be doing is how to maintain or improve the success that we are experiencing. Still, we have to continue to strategize and have a great idea of how to market the products or services that will be offering.

4 Tips for Buying Cheap Domain Names

Are you planning to start your own website? Then, you’ll be hunting for a great and catchy domain name within your budget. You will also be looking for a domain name keeping in mind the keywords and your brand. Fortunately, buying a domain has become a very simple procedure. Thanks to the plenty of domain registrars available in the market!

Buying a Domain Name

The process of buying a domain name starts from choosing a trustworthy domain registrar. Once you find that the domain name you are looking for is available, you have to deal with the major costs associated with starting a website: the cost of the domain name and web hosting. You can choose to buy both from the same company or choose different companies. For example, you may choose to buy cheap domain names from a reputable domain registrar and buy web hosting from a different web hosting provider as the options they offer suit your needs. Additionally, a custom-built website will cost more. When you finalize your options, you complete the order by paying for it.

Since the cost of a domain name can take up a significant portion of your budget, you may be looking for options to buy a cheap domain name. The tag ‘cheap’ is usually associated with substandard quality. However, that’s not the case with domain names. They have to be great as well as affordable to serve the purpose.

4 Tips for Buying Cheap Domain Names

Read on to understand how to get a cheap domain name that is great at the same time.

Shop Around for the Top-Level Domain Name

Everyone wants to buy a .com extension. If the domain name you want is unavailable with that extension, you may be tempted to add hyphens or other characters like numbers to the domain name so that it is available. Remember that adding such characters can cause unnecessary confusion while spelling it out. If people miss out a hyphen when entering your domain name, they can be directed to some other website instead of yours. Similarly, when you buy a domain name with .net or .biz, you might be sending the precious traffic to a website that has the same, familiar domain name but with a .com extension. Apart from certain exceptions like businesses serving a geographical area (that can use an extension like .nyc) or an organization (that can use .org extension), it is always best to go for .com extension for your domain names. Keeping this in mind, compare to find the best prices among the domain registrars available in the market to find a domain name that ticks all the boxes. There are many registrars and hosting companies who offer introductory offers for first-time customers.

Pick a Brand Name

Are you wondering how to buy a cheap domain name with a .com extension? You can do it by staying away from generic names. Though businesses want a single, generic term like, these names can cost an arm and a leg and fail to represent your brand. You can still attract a lot of customers by making them relate to your brand rather than the generic term. Besides, this way your brand name will be memorable and unique, one of the most important criteria for picking a domain name.

Save Up on the Registration Charges

When you buy a domain name, you pay for the registration charges; these charges go up every year. Register your site for at least two years. By doing this, you are paying a lower price per year. You also need not worry about remembering to renew your domain name for the next two years. It is also important to think about your website a few years down the line. Before finalizing the order, check if your domain registrar charges a hefty fee for transferring your domain name to another registrar.

Check the Hidden Charges

When you purchase the domain names, don’t blindly go for the cheapest option available. You may easily get distracted by the showy advertising, but they may not really be the cheapest option available in the market. It is important to read the fine print. Even if you take advantage of a promotional offer, the renewal rates may double after a year; there may even be hidden charges. To avoid this, read the terms of service to understand all the conditions. Make sure you pay only for what you want; don’t fall for the upselling efforts of additional domain extensions or the services that you do not need.

Creating a website is not a cheap task. One way to save up on the overhead costs is by buying a cheap domain name. However, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the quality of the domain name. Hopefully, the article helped you understand how to buy a cheap yet great domain name for your website.