IBM i – What The Future May Bring?

IBM i – What The Future May Bring?

            Through the years, IBM i has definitely proven its versatility. It was able to stand the test of time, have gone through numerous upgrades. Until today, this is still the leader when it comes to operating systems. But with all the changes and the innovations of technology, what’s in store for the IBM i?

            Many are curious if IBM would still be able to support the IBM i operating system. We have seen its evolutions through these years and it is not a surprise when many changes will be made 10 years from now. So here are the facts that you should know about where the IBM i OS will be after these changes and upgrades are made.

The IBMi Series History 

            In the late 80’s, the IBM has introduced the AS 400 as well as the previous server names before that to the public. Since then and up to this date, the AS 400 is still one of the best servers. Throughout the years, it has gone through many hardware architectural changes and IBM has proven that it is reliable and longevity is not an issue.

            IBM i is known to be consistent because even the original features, the components, and also the other architectural parts of the original can still be found in the Power systems of IBM i today. There are just new features and capabilities added without changing much in the client base.

AS400 cloud backup

The IBMi Series Today

            IBM i today has definitely made a great change in businesses and organizations that uses technology. It is now modified to fit the market needs. The IBM is currently branded as a cloud-based organization. One of the most popular versions today is the IBMi V7.2. The Source Data Products, one of the most trusted companies in the United States is currently offering the most affordable upgrades to this version. They also have the AS400 cloud backup that can help each business in times of system outages.

The Future of IBM i

            There are plenty of mapped-out plans for the IBM i. There are major releases that are expected to happen in 2027. The IBM team is focused on creating technology refreshes and provide more features and functions to the current IBMi versions. With the increasing needs and demands of the market, IBM is doing their best to cope up with the changes. In the next 10 or 25 years, more and more innovations are expected.

Source Data Products – The IBMi Series Upgrades 

            All across the United States, Data Source Products has provided companies and organizations with a fast, reliable and easy upgrade to the new IBMi versions. This is a need of every business process. With the rise in demand and needs of the market, the business processes should not be left out. This is the reason why the company is encouraging every business owner to do the upgrade with their systems.

IBM has never failed their clients. Since the 80’s and until today, many are still looking up to the rapid changes when it comes to business processes with the help of the IBMi series. Generally, IBM has never stopped innovating. And in the years to come, more surprises await the IBMi Series users.