Creating the Perfect Mobile App for Your Brand

Human connection is a complex thing. We all want to stay connected no matter how hard and complicated it may be. And with the rise of the internet and the age of digital isolation, using a platform that can drive community solutions to solve our need for human connection is essential. Today, Crowd Hub has made tons of App Development software that successfully connected and engaged people with other individuals with the same interests. Growing communities and connecting people with one another is essential to avoid digital isolation. It also helps in developing a brand and a business.

Crowd Hub specializes in creating the perfect mobile app that can distinguish your brand from others. They make sure to introduce your brand through mobile apps only. They do market research and data analysis while studying what your brand is about to create an app that can speak for itself. These are digital platforms that can change lives one download at a time and engage with your target audience to another level, thanks to Crowd Hub.

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Building a Phone Application Everybody Can Experience

Your brand deserves to be recognized and experienced by those who can relate and resonate with it. But sometimes, marketing is not enough to fully explain and show your target audience what your brand is all about. Sometimes, it takes more than marketing to get the whole experience of a brand. Most of the time, digital platforms are needed to ensure that the user can experience the brand more intimately. And one ideal example is a mobile app, a digital platform that can give the user a complete and head-on experience of what your brand can offer.

Crowd Hub can create and build the ideal phone application. Since everyone is using a mobile phone nowadays, apps are the perfect platform for reaching your target audience and forcing them to take action. Engaging with your potential clients through a simple mobile app and giving them an idea of what your brand is all about is a straightforward step into something more significant in the future.

Finding Out What Your Target Audience Needs

Before Crowd Hub can create an excellent digital platform for you, they need to know what your audience needs to have great chances of increasing your engagement. But sometimes, it’s not that easy, especially if you think your growth has stalled, last time didn’t work, or if you think your audience is not listening. In reality, you only need to have one focus group that you can easily target. You can’t target everyone because not everyone has the same likes and dislikes.

Crowd Hub can take care of everything for you. From analyzing your data, doing marketing research, and organizing focus groups to determine your brand’s mission and who your missions would most likely resonate with. So, it’s okay to take a step back and let Crowd Hub take control. They need to know everything about your brand to execute the perfect plan for your mobile app. They can provide the best features while working around what your brand’s services and products are.

The Best Tips For Professional Mobile App Development

The mobile application development and technopreneur company often complain about the lack of new creative ideas. There are so many apps that try to keep thoughts from expanding from successful apps and fail miserably. Steal the code and style, then use it in your application is not worth it because you can’t succeed using someone else’s formula.

When it comes to mobile applications’ professional development, the best practice is to maintain simplicity, usability, and relevance.

However, the following are some valuable tips and best practices to make a mobile application meaningful and effective for end-users;


Testing a mobile application is critical and of great importance. It helps a mobile application identify errors or mistakes during and in the initial stage of development. Once the mistakes are carefully placed, they can be corrected, and a meaningful or error-free application can be launched.

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It is essential to understand users and their motivations because it matters a lot. It is necessary to understand the users at a deep level so that the triggers can be appropriately placed. Following this strategy can help you develop the application with ease of use. However, failure to do so can significantly affect the user experience and conversion rates.

Offline capacity

According to statistics, many well-designed applications only work because they are not able to work offline. There are many examples of Evernote or WorkFlowy that work flawlessly, even without an internet connection. Offline capability is a good practice that needs to be planned at the beginning of development.


It is essential to develop a usable and straightforward application. People have mobile devices, but that doesn’t mean they know how to use a technical application. Remember that 99% of mobile users are not technical. To attract a large crowd’s attention, the application must be straightforward to use, easy to understand, and efficient to answer. Make sure your target audience doesn’t need technical assistance to operate your business application.


Each device has its operating system, and each device has its specifications. Ensure that the application design fits different sizes and operating systems because one size does not fit everyone.


Several devices and platforms are used every day to access applications. Therefore, you need to make sure that the app is available on as many devices and platforms as possible to attract a large crowd.


Mobile app development, you should not forget that the application should be designed to simplify end-users lives. To create the application according to user requirements, involve users in each stage of development to contribute and get the application accordingly.

Applications developed by mobile development companies can not only charity but also work for a cause. Such things can bring about change and can drive change. However, we can use it to fight for human rights, animal rights, and environmental issues, and much more.

Reducing the Costs of Android App Development

When, due to lack of budget, they seek lower application development costs, most companies have a serious problem: quality. Compromising app quality while keeping costs low is always invisible, when quality is inevitably the cornerstone of the apps people love the most. Therefore, when there are many ways to reduce application development costs without affecting user interface design and quality assurance aspects, it makes sense for companies to invest in one of them. Here are some tips on how to tactfully reduce your application development costs.

Destination numbering platforms / devices

The development costs of an application are directly related to the platforms of the operating system and the mobile devices to which it is directed in the market. All major platforms, such as Android, Windows, and iOS, have their own limitations and capabilities. The larger the target platform, the higher the development costs. Also, Android application development has various device classifications. Therefore, it is more prudent to choose the preferred platform and device line according to the target audience, as it is purely efficient.

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Select the MVP application

The MVP (Minimum Viable Product) concept does not force developers to reinvent the wheel. When it is always difficult to combine all the unique ideas in an application to make it interesting, it is enough to develop the application with only the main idea. App developers Australia are encouraged to identify their target users, analyze market trends, brainstorm with the development team, and then narrow down the ideas to the most promising ones. This leads to the development of a truly specific application with cost savings.

Iterate the process

Outsourcing for pioneers in mobile app development is a great way to cut prohibitive costs. When a development task is handed over to a well-known company, the entire process is divided into iterations. This leads to more accurate cost estimates and helps clients plan their budget according to the cost of the tasks for each iteration. Additionally, developers can make any changes to the application as requested by customers, saving money that would be wasted if changes were made after its release.

Minimize the use of custom graphics or processes

Finally, an easy way for app investors to keep costs down is to limit the use of custom layouts, animations, fonts, and graphics in the app. Full customization is not necessary at all when some basics like navigation, buttons are common in most apps, and app stores have developed their own UI / UX guidelines. As such, it is advisable to stick to the fundamentals and standards of application development, and only proceed with customization when appropriate.

How to watch Netflix USA when you’re the other side of the world

Up for deliberation, it has to be said that many Netflix subscribers consider Netflix USA to be one of the best channels that the online streaming giant has to offer. With such a broad range of TV shows, movies and documentaries there is a world of content which can keep you occupied for weeks at a time?

If you are located in a country the other side of the world it can be very difficult to access the content that you are missing out on from Netflix USA. But where there’s a will, there’s a way.

The one possible solution:

Just searching for come vedere netflix usa through your go to search engine won’t give the access you need to watch the content on Netflix USA. It may seem like an impossible task at first but there is a way of getting hold of an all access passes to the shows you want to see.

It has to be said that Netflix have been upping their game in recent years trying to stop this method from working, but there are still some firms which are managing to work their way around.

Netflix USA

Introducing vpns:

Virtual Private Networks have a great perk which can give you access to nearly any region of online content around the world. VPNs are mainly designed to add extra safety and security to your computer device while you are working online but along with their breadth of service somes their greatest entertainment benefit.

What do they do?

VPNs provide an encrypted wavelength which connects you to the Internet via a remote computer. This is done so that you cannot be tracked back to the original source of accessing the Internet.

As the wavelength is encrypted it means that only you as the user can gain entry in to the session. A 16 or 32 bit code is provided to grant you access to the connection, which also has multiple security features built in.

How does security help watch Netflix USA?

As servers are located in different countries of the world, it is more than likely that most of the international vpn service providers you are looking at have at least a couple of servers within the USA.

Now, when you log on to the Internet, third parties such streaming sites and broadcasters can see where in the world you are viewing content from. This is by them looking at your IP address. This is some coding which reveals your location. So if you are logging on to the Internet in Italy, you will have an Italian IP address.

In order to watch Netflix USA you need to have a US IP address. In order to obtain one through a vpn service, you need to connect to a vpn server which is based on US soil. Connecting to the land based server allocates you a US IP address and unlimited access to all Netflix USA.

Top 5 best video calling apps

The Internet is filled with options for staying connected to your friends and family during the isolation. Unlike a decade ago now you have various ways and platforms to connect to different people around the globe within a few clicks. Following are our few picks of different video calling apps which you can use for free.

  • JioMeet – JioMeet is a video conferencing app with a simple interface and adaptive streaming. It is compatible with all the devices and can be used on any device like mobiles, tablets, or even legacy video devices. You can schedule team meetings and send an invite link to your teams. You can join a video call using the JioMeet invite link from any web browser without the need for downloading the app. It assures the best video calling experience and works fine even at lower bandwidths. In the JioMeet free version, you can connect up to 5 people in one video call.
  • WhatsApp – WhatsApp has been around for quite a long time now. It is an essential app that can be found on every smartphone these days. So it saves you from the hassle of downloading an additional app for video calling on your device. WhatsApp video calling feature is free and works on your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection. You can select any WhatsApp contact and click on the video icon to start a video call. You can also add participants to the ongoing video call to create a group video call. You can call up to 4 people on WhatsApp group video call.

If you have a WhatsApp group of four or lesser members you can instantly start a video call from the group itself. This avoids the need for calling one person and then individually adding others on the call.

  • Zoom – You can use the Zoom free version to connect with your friends during the lockdown instantly. The free version lets you connect up to 100 people in one video call. However, it has one drawback is that the free version has a time limit. If you are using Zoom free version you can video chat for only 40 minutes. The free version can be downloaded on both mobile and desktop. You can create your Zoom account for free using your Gmail ID. In the free version, you cannot use your Zoom account across all devices simultaneously. In the free version, you can access all the features like create a new meeting, join a meeting, screen sharing, add contacts, etc.
  • Google Duo – Google Duo is one of the best video calling app which offers a feature-rich experience to the users. It beats the best free video calling apps in many ways. You can connect up to 12 people in one video call. It offers a seamless experience and you can video chat with your friends in High Definition. The only tiring feature is that you need to create a group on Google Duo to initiate a group call. You cannot add participants to the ongoing video call. The knock-knock feature of Google Duo gives you a preview of the person who is calling you. You can also enable the data saving mode on the app to save your mobile data from exhausting due to video calls.
  • FB messenger – With the increased demand for video calling features on messaging apps amidst the lockdown Facebook also introduced the video calling feature on FB messenger. You can call up to 50 people in one video call on FB messenger. You need to create rooms on the app to initiate a group video call. One can drop in or out of the video chat according to their wish. You can also use augmented reality backgrounds for more fun experiences. To beat its other competitors Facebook has assured that unwanted guests popping up in the video calls will be kept at bay.

The above apps are easily available for download and can be used on any device. If you have used any of the above apps you can share your experience and reviews with us.

Find the Best Shopping Apps Here

In this era, people love to get things online. There are ample reasons why they prefer to have shopped online. One can find numerous products with a few clicks on the screen of a smartphone. Every online portal has its online application, which runs on Android as well as other operating systems. Hence for the user who wants to buy products online, it is important to have the application downloaded. On these applications, one can find different products under different categories. One can check the images of the product, its description and specification before selecting any of them on the application. The sellers here are verified by the concerned platform. Hence one does not need to worry about the quality, price, and delivery of the product. One can have a chance to select a product from a huge category. One can also check the prices of the products on different platforms and compare them to have a better deal.

Find the right application:

On the online platform, there are some of the leading applications available, which are as below:

  • Amazon: This is an app from the world-famous online store Amazon. Here one can find ample products in different categories. There are end numbers of features with the application that can help the customer in various ways. One can easily search for any product and filter the options to get the right product in a few minutes. One can also see the date of his purchase, compare the price and add the products to his wishlist if he does not want to go for it immediately. It also offers a number of schemes to the users to have better deals.
  • Flipkart:It is known as the leading online portal where the users can buy different products. The concept of this app is almost similar to the previous one only. It also offers finance option and helps the buyer purchase the products with cash on delivery, credit card and debit card as well as netbanking with the help of which the user can easily buy the required items.
  • Aliexpress: This is the app, which is a part of the famous online portals from Alibaba, which is a leading store from China. Here also one can buy items in retail. It also offers various options to the buyers across the portal.
  • Snapdeal: This is another online portal from which the buyers can have various items at many cost-effective rates. It also has an effective customer care that can help the user to have the best items at the best rates.

These are the applications most popular in the market. On the platform of 9apps, one can also go for 9Apps Apk download, which is another benefit to the users. There is hardly any product one does not get from any of these portals. In case of any trouble, one can also contact the customer care and get the right solution. The products are delivered at the doorstep of the buyer; hence, it proves the most feasible option for a buyer.

Console-quality themes with the mobile devices


The Mobile games which are available with the Android versions are the ones which are popular with the creativity. One can choose to download APK games right from the mobile browsers of the Android devices.

Why are these games who praiseworthy among the users?

The games can always come with the creative IPs. Moreover, they do not necessarily demand to be streamed with the help of the consoles. They are the ones which are readily available online and can be powered with the Android devices. the availability of the classic games right with the phones as well as the tablets can be a very popular choice. The developers also choose to develop and release some of the best mobile games both with the mobile and console versions. This idea can be incorporated to play all the games of a console-quality right on the Android devices.

Touchscreens increase the fame

Playing the games on the touchscreen can be a better option than the console counterparts. There are a number of controllers that are mobile-friendly in nature and can be readily accessible. There is also a convenient way to go with the use of a virtual joystick that can help with the Racing car games. All such themes can actually be free from the problems of avoiding extras to actually but the accessories, the huge number of mobile ports. The mobile games are competitively the cheapest ones and can be thrilling.

free games which are a really fun time

It is quite an easy task to download APK games. All that is required is a mobile device that can employ the Android OS to access the game. They are also competitively cheap where most of them are available for free. All one needs to do is to access the website that can give the malware-free version of the game ready for a download. The mobile games can be really thrilling ones even with the consideration of the calssuxgames. They are also totally featured with the free shovelware, and are pretty creative.  The games that can be featured range from the RPGs, the MMOs to some of the striking racing games. Along with these the simulator games that can be enjoyed by most people of every age group.

A real duelling game with the Android

One can choose to go with the Hearthstone featuring “Heroes of Warcraft” game with try android download session which can be played in the form of a card duelling game at


The easy access to the games that can be easily played at any time with the involvement of only simple rounds is the ones which can match the liking of the millions of people. Only a single login session can help one play the best. They are also featured with the PvP combat that can boost the thrills of the games.

Life Gets Better With Technology

Technology has evolved to the extent that you can get just about anythingwithin minutes. You might be busy getting attuned to a technology-infested lifestyle, but might lose out on health and wellness. Every year, you promise to follow a strict health plan, but somehow it’s gets buried in the past.

Make use of your smartphone by installing health-related apps to help you stay hale and hearty.

  • Reduce phone usage

Your goal for the New Year would be to control phone usage; to reduce frequently looking at your phone screen for notifications. There’s an app to beat your addiction to the phone, which can fun and challenging called the Forest app. This app fixes a time during your schedule that avoids your desire to check for any sort of app notifications.

The timer is set in an interesting way. It’s built around the concept of keeping a forest green and alive. The proper usage keeps plants happy and also rewards you with certain coins. If you go beyond the timer, the forest begins to wither. Make sure you manage the timer wisely and focus on keeping the forest alive by not stealing a peak.

Forest app is available for Android and iOS platform.


  • Quit smoking

HabitBull is another app that helps in staying true to your health goals. This app enables you to personalize your health habits and tracks your goals. Your track report is measured every week and can be viewed in a graphical representation.

HabitBull app monitors your bad habits, such as smoking, excess alcohol intake, and the urge for nail-biting. The pattern that you get every week helps to work on the habits slowly. This app gives you an estimated hours spent on social media.

  • Discover new things

Blinkist is an interesting app that inspires to read nonfiction or fact-based books. The app has several written documents that are fragmented into pages. Blinkist is quick and fast because you can read in one blink! Use this app during coffee breaks to unwind and relax.

Ultimately, your goal is to stay fit and strong, this app is a motivator especially for jogging. It’s preloaded with motivational audio and health tips as well.

  • Balance your life

GoalTracker allows setting life goals, such as career goals, health, personal interest, entertainment, monthly expenses, and much more. This app helps you succeed in whatever goal you have set for yourself.

GoalTracker gets you addicted to all good habits, like physical activity, getting adequate amount of water into the body, and much more. It keeps you away from drinking alcohol and smoking too.

Health is the greatest wealth you can ask for

You can achieve anything and everything in this world, but health is wealth! When you’re fit and strong your dreams of going places come true. You gather the courage to discover new things. Make use of technology in accomplishing great things, but not at the cost of your health. Health comes first, and you need to nurture it time and again to keep fit. Making Easy Paper Airplane is the best hobby for many people.

Spy on Whatsapp Software Effectively

Spying on whatsapp is the very essential technique to monitor the android phones and iPhone and trace the activities of someone. You can intercept on device, laptop or tablet easily, if spyware app is installed. The hacking software can able to monitor the data and find out the complete history of the details of any cellphone. Spying tasks have become easier with the use of these apps and it has also become simple to get information through control panel online. All you should want is espia whatsapp to start spying on someone’s mobile gadget.

espia whatsapp

How whatsapp tracking help?

Whatsapp is used widely by people all over the world and it is the major reason to start watching on the common platform to obtain the information about your personal relations. You cannot watch on your child’s device all the time and it is also not mandatory that you can check every message as they might hide it or delete it. If tracking app is installed, you can able to read sms, including the deleted images or texts that assist you to find the other activities of your children without even accessing their phone. You want to be a best parent and get to know the behavior of your children by not missing out anything. Whatsapp tracking is very easy and the most essential way of checking on all you want to know about them.

Working of spy whatsapp

The process of hacking is simpler. You can consider visiting the tracker App Company and search for various plans available. It is simple as you just have to match your needs with the available options. After finding the top suitable plan, look for the perfect package that suit you and make payment. Spy whatsapp software offers you access of your employee or kids mobile. Whether it is tracking whatsapp or any other app monitoring, spy software offers you the top services. The software comes with the best features incorporated with professional and personal tracking packages.

The unique features of espia whatsapp are intended to spy on someone in a very powerful manner. Spying will start immediately once the installation is over. It will record all information and shows it on the control panel with details enlisted while buying the package. You can also find sensitive information with the tracking packages and monitor the who chat data effectively.