Top SEO Trends That You Need To Embrace In 2022

SEO has been changed dramatically over the last few years. Search engines like Google constantly change and improve their algorithms to give the best possible experience for their users. SEO strategies that were believed to be the best practice a few years ago are no longer significant. With the rise in mobile users and AI-powered devices, mobile and voice searches are changing SEO. 2022 is around the corner, and it’s time to revamp your Sydney SEO strategies to be ahead of your competitors. It’s always good to prepare for what is coming.

Here are the SEO trends that you need to embrace in 2022, as predicted by top seo consultants in Sydney:-

Voice Search

Voice search is the future of SEO. Voice search is continuing to rise, and it’s reported that around 58% of consumers are searching the internet through voice search to find a local business. Google voice assistant, Alexa, and Sri play a crucial role in peoples’ lives.

Many people use voice assistants in their homes, and it has changed the way people live. Very soon, voice search will become the primary form of search. That’s why you need to start thinking about optimising your website content and other forms of contents for voice search. In fact, marketers and businesses alike should start focusing on their conversation marketing skills. Wouldn’t that be a great opportunity to create brand awareness? Well, start working on your website for voice search.


Of course, it’s nothing new as mobile optimisation is one of the oldest trends that many marketers and webmasters are aware of, especially after the rollout of the mobile-first index by Google. Ever since the update, mobile optimisation has become one of the significant ranking factors. So, what does it mean for the New Year? Well, you may not know that if you have both a desktop and mobile version of your website, search engines bot will crawl the mobile version first when determining how to rank your website. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly or dedicated mobile site, then getting one is a must.

Video Content

Video content is revolutionising the way people use the internet. With the rise of apps like TikTok, Snapchat, and many more, it’s no secret that video content is on the rise. Video content will help you to be seen as an authoritative and helpful source.

Page Experience

User experience is one of the trends that’s been popular among business owners. Google’s recent update shows that it will consider the page experience of a website as one of its ranking factors. Optimise your website according to Google’s core web vitals. This includes page loading speed, length of pages, number and quality of images, etc. Link building

Link building is one of the oldest Sydney SEO strategies, and it’s nothing new. But, when done wrong, it can backfire on you. Yes, ethical link building will be one of the SEO trends in 2022. Link schemes are penalised by Google. If you want to boost your rankings, focus on building links through ethical strategies.

As you, the future of SEO is evolving and changing. It’s of utmost importance to embrace these SEO trends to stand out from your competitors in the coming years. So, consider hiring an SEO expert. SEO Experts from a reputed seo company in Sydney can help optimise your website according to search engine algorithms and adapt to the upcoming changes.

Best SEO for Website Content

Search engine optimization (SEO) the process of optimizing your content. For that, your online content and website get a top result for searches of a certain keyword. Our SEO is one of the best Malaysia search engine optimization. 

Type of SEO

There are unit 3 varieties of SEO you wish for all-around organic search strategy: on-page SEO, technical SEO, and off-page SEO. By breaking down your strategy and considering SEO as these 3 classes, it’ll be abundant easier to arrange and execute your improvement plans.

Cost for Malaysia search engine optimization

SEO rates for the common monthly retainer in Asian countries charged by SEO agencies range from approx. RM3, 000 to RM10, 000 per month. Generally, the worth for only once SEO audit services can go between RM3, 000 to RM5, 000.

How to choose the best SEO in Malaysia

  1. Improve Title Tags
  2. Master of Keyword analysis
  3. Consumer-facing businesses problems can notice the foremost price on Facebook and Twitter. B2B firms sometimes concentrate on Twitter and LinkedIn, with Facebook within the combine similarly,
  4. Different useful and free beginner SEO guides are available to embody Moz’s “The Beginner’s Guide to SEO,” program Land’s “Guide to SEO,” and Google’s “Search Engine improvement Starter Guide.”
  5. If you’re stuck, raise queries in the various SEO communities. Google’s Webmaster Forum may be a useful place to start.
  6. Follow the review and remark of the participants. They can be Google workers, SEO professionals, marketers, and developers. The different fashionable forums square measure Webmaster World Forum, Q&A Forum. Facebook and LinkedIn even have SEO communities.

Our work Process

We optimize your website via these easy steps,

  • Analyze all of your web site with the best knowledge,
  • Conduct thorough keyword analysis,
  • Produce long and value-rich content,
  • Optimize for on-page SEO,
  • Optimize for off-page SEO,
  • Optimize the web site for mobile,
  • Speed up the pages,
  • Get quality backlinks,

Our Specialty which makes us different from others

     We are different because-

  • We care about your business and web site.
  • We tend to drive the guests to come back, for the next contents again.
  • We’ve got expertise in several business niches,
  • Our writers and SEO specialists present the website and the content in a foremost effective style.
  • We never offer a one-size-fits-all resolution,
  • We are offering you a customized program that will increase your rank.
  • We are also hoping on the foremost speedy rise,
  • We tend to conjointly specialize in ways that increase your rate.

SEO may be a profitable trade with the proper approach. It will give you some organic leads.

If you’re ranking on search engines, the impact may be tremendous. You’ll be generating many visitors to your web site.

What is the Crawl Budget and How to Optimize it to Improve your Web Ranking?

Today we are going to talk about one of the most popular SEO factors today to position a website on Google. Consult “Best SEO Companies in Dubai” if you want to position your website on google or visit “SEO Company in Dubai” if you want to learn about it accurately.

This concept has increased its notoriety, mainly due to the low-quality infoxication currently available on the net. You can join “SEO Forums” to keep yourself updated about current popular SEO factors.

Every day thousands and thousands of pages and content are uploaded to the web. For this reason, it is increasingly difficult for Google to track to classify all this content properly.

For this reason, the famous search engine has chosen the Crawl Budget, among many other SEO factors, to differentiate which websites offer quality content and which do not.

Visit “Digitalmarketing” to get more information about Crawl Budget or consult “SEO Specialist” if you want to know how it works.

As we will see below, the tracking budget will be entirely related to the optimization of our website load (WPO), so surely, there will be times when both areas converge simultaneously.

What is the Crawl Budget?

The Crawl Budget is the tracking budget that Google assigns to our website.

That is, it is the time that Googlebot will crawl our website based on our popularity and its SEO optimization.

This tracking budget is assigned by Google internally based on a series of parameters such as:

  • Our position in searches
  • The frequency with which we publish our content
  • The number of visits

However, this tracking time does not depend on us but on Google.

Therefore, the only thing we can do when the search engine crawls most of our website and holds us in high esteem is to make things easier for you so that you get the most information in the shortest time possible.

From this process the importance of the WPO in the Crawl Budget will come as we will see next.

What is the Relationship Between the Crawl Budget and the WPO?

 The tracking budget that Google assigns to our site is limited, therefore we must facilitate this task to the MAXIMUM.

Imagine that the tracking budget that Google assigns to your website is 10,000ms and each page of your website takes 1,000ms to load since it is not optimized.

How Many Pages it Will Have Crawled?

Simple, 10,000/1,000 = 10 pages

Can you imagine how many pages it would have crawled if instead of taking 1,000ms per page it took 200ms?

Right, I would have crawled 50 pages!

Do you See How Important it is?

Logically this data is not real, it is only a simulation, but the really important thing about this is, you should understand that the higher the WPO, the more information Google will receive.

Logically, if your website is a small site or a personal blog, this factor will not be as relevant as on a website of a certain caliber.

Therefore, if your website is a portal of a certain size, you will have to optimize the WPO of your website as much as possible .

How Can I Know If My Website is Optimized for Googlebot?

There are several tools to know the loading speed of our website and, therefore, your load optimization (WPO).

Google itself offers you the possibility of knowing your optimization errors through its Page Speed ​​Insight tool.

However, this SEO tool (very general) ends up falling short in terms of analytical data.

Therefore, to analyze the loading speed of a site I always recommend the Pingdom Website Speed ​​Test tool.

Thanks to this tool you will know how long it takes to load each file on your web page from different servers, thus obtaining the most important data from this tool, the “Load Time” or time in seconds that it takes to load the URL completely.

Finally, Google, through its Search Console tool, allows us to know the tracking statistics of its bots on our website.

To do this, simply access your Search Console Panel and in the menu on the left click on “Tracking” and, later, on “Tracking statistics”.

  • Crawled Pages: The higher this number the better it will mean better optimization of the Crawl Budget.
  • Kylobytes Downloaded Per Day: The greater the number of kilobytes downloaded, the more information Google will collect (as long as we optimize WPO well).
  • Download Time of a Page: It is the time that Google takes to load a specific page, the important thing is to reduce this metric to the maximum.

8 Tricks to Improve the Crawl Budget of your Website

Having seen what the tracking budget is and how you can improve it, it is time for you to get down to work and help, as much as possible, our great friend Google.

For this, we are going to see 8 simple tricks that will help you to improve your tracking budget.

Let’s go with it!

Use the Freshness Effect to your Advantage

The freshness is a concept based on SEO content updating continuously.

Google, upon detecting that said website updates its content on a regular basis, increases its tracking budget, since it understands that it is a live and useful website.

For this reason, many websites use tools that update the content of all their URLs automatically.

With this practice, webmasters manage to update all their content automatically with a simple post giving signs of freshness to Google.

Improve Web Architecture and Web Depth

There are numerous studies that affirm that 3 is the maximum number of clicks that a user should make within a site to get the exact information they need.

If this number is exceeded, the reader will most likely choose to leave the web for various reasons such as boredom, slow loading or complexity.

Therefore, applying this 3-click technique is essential when structuring your website and creating its categories.

Due to this fact, you must take into account the depth of your website.

That is, the number of levels or folders that the user will access to reach a specific page or URL.

The closer a post or HOME page is to your site, the better, since it will receive greater authority and will be more likely to be tracked by Google.

Opt for Long or Infinite Pages

As you have seen previously, the number of clicks and the depth of your website matters a lot.

For this reason, the pages are not more than an “obstacle” both for Google Spider (which have to follow a greater number of links), and for users who have to increase the number of clicks to get to the information.

As a consequence of this and the mobile first every day there are more blogs and e-commerce that opt ​​for infinite scroll or pages of many entries (20 or more).

Completely Eliminate Binding Errors

Take care of every link that exists on your website.

That is, be careful when modifying or deleting your URLs and make sure that in case of modifying them you do the 3XX redirects correctly.

So continually check with Search Console the number of broken links to avoid this little bug as it can lead to serious SEO error in case the number of broken links is important.

Create an HTML Sitemap That Helps Google

You can create an HTML Sitemap that helps Google to track the most important URLs on your web page.

To do this, you can choose to install a wordpress plugin like WP Sitemap Page which will perform this task automatically or do it yourself using HTML.

The key to this type of map is that it helps Google to have a kind of “index” with the most important links on our website.

In order for Google to track this map as soon as possible, it is important that the link to this page can be found on as many pages as possible within the site.

For this reason, many webmasters choose to put it in all the footers of their website.

Do Not Follow Little Relevant Pages within your Site

It is very common to lose tracking budget with little relevant pages in the eyes of Google and the user.

For this reason, I always recommend the following: every time you create a page of the type legal notice, cookie policies etc, it uses the meta “no follow, no index”.

This will make Googlebot ignore these specific pages and spend time on other more important pages.

It is also very common for the legal notice, the cookie policy etc to be found in the footer and, therefore, on all the pages of the portal.

For this reason, I always recommend tagging these links with the rel = ”nofollow” attribute, since with this technique you will make Google not waste time following these unimportant links.

The most effective method to Choose the Best SEO Agency for You

These days each business is going on the web. Organizations are utilizing the internet as a medium to connect with individuals in a savvy way. Yet, it isn’t sufficient for an organization to manufacture a site and sit at home quiet as to rank in the web search tools they should take the assistance of SEO Company. Be that as it may, the procedure for picking a privileged SEO organization is a precarious one. It would help if you were mindful to choose the best SEO Agency for your business to give it a rocket speed of development and rank higher.

All in all, here comes the inquiry: how would you recognize an ideal choice for your organization? Here are a few hints. 

Distinguish your necessities:

The objectives of a computerized showcasing plan can fluctuate from business to business. Your goal could be to spread mindfulness about your item or administration, increment traffic to your site, improve your notoriety and brand picture, or increment changes. To begin with, comprehend the reason for computerized promotion.

Select some SEO organizations:

Examine the web and quest for the best SEO organization in your close-by place and select some of them. On the off chance that you wish, you can internet the surveys of their past customers and know their perspectives about that organization.

Proceed to discuss with them or at any rate, get in touch with them:

Discuss with the computerized advertising experts of the chosen organizations. It could be a skype call or a telephonic discussion or, if conceivable, proceed to have an eye to eye discussion. Check whether he has set aside the effort to comprehend your business. Does he have good thoughts? It is safe to say that he is mindful of procedures that have worked for different organizations, and would he say he is ready to join them into your business?

Allow yourself to know their abilities:

Advanced showcasing organizations must have skills in different online networking stages like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and numerous others. They should be knowledgeable in content advertising, email, visual structure, SEO, and innovative narrating. It’s critical to make sense of a procedure that works for your business and recruit an SEO organization that is skilled in executing this system.

At the point when You, at last, select the one then what will be your job:

When you fix your brain to have your chosen organization’s SEO, your job won’t end there as an entrepreneur. You should go there and stop for a moment to talk with them sometimes and request the movement they made on your undertaking, and you should impart your insight about the change.


Recruiting an advanced promoting organization for your business can be one of the most important choices for an independent company. Try not to trifle with it. They can represent the moment of truth in your business. Along these lines, remember all the above-discussed focuses while picking an ideal SEO company NYC for your business and appreciate the much-wanted achievement you need in the wake of going through a ton of cash with the digital marketing agency.

How To Find The Best SEO Companies Miami For Your Business?

With the introduction of the internet, business people have to look after different elements. The elements such as the right e-commerce platform or an agent who can help in establishing the online business can make the process easier for the business owner. With the help of the internet, SEO companies Miami can be found very easily according to the expectation and requirements of the business. They have the tools compatible with the technology which makes their work easy and convenient for their clients.

How does it work?

The process of search engine optimization involves changing the website of their client most effectively so that the traffic improves on their website. When you associate with a company where SEO services are provided, you are involving them in your online platform. The businesses associated with goods sold online, the business owner has to make sure that their website is completely easy to use and user-friendly for the benefits of the user. There are several SEO companies that has become very popular among the business and made their online business popular. The process also affects the user-interface which makes a particular website to be used easily without adding complicated features. The website is made unique and extraordinary using the techniques so that the users find the required results.

Miami seo

Why is SEO important for your business?

By attracting more customers on your website is the only way to grow your business and become more popular among the business industry. With the help of SEO, the business owner can improve the number of clients on your website which will directly increase the traffic. The companies are trained in using high-quality ways to invite more clients to meet the expectation of their clients. As different companies are running to get the top position in the business industry, SEO in Miami has played an important role in meeting their expectation with their dreams using the resources. Instead of hiring expensive marketing or advertising agents, you can easily improve your business with SEO without breaking the finances of your company.

Features that you should look before choosing an e-commerce platform based on SEO

As different companies are providing the service of SEO for the businesses, they have to keep their mind clear before choosing a company for their growth. The first thing that should be checked is the ability to use high-quality tools that will make the process quick and easy to implement. The tools can help in controlling the page and inviting more users on the website so that they can understand the page and use it for shopping. It is very easy to find a company that provides Miami SEO for your business so that you get a reputation on the online platform too.

The process of SEO is not only beneficial for online businesses but the local shops can also benefit from them. With SEO, they can get their name marked different from others which will highlight their business and make them popular.

Importance of SEO in this modern world

When it comes to the business, reaching and grab the attraction of the people is what more important. In order to improve the profit on your business, you should try something to reach the people.  If you are searching for any options on reaching the people, nothing else can makes you satisfied than the internet.  In this decade, internet is where people are spending their time, learning things, having fun etc. This is why you should try anything on the internet to increase the awareness of your business.   It allows you to drastically increase the awareness of the business profit.  Owning a websites is not enough in this competitor world, you should try something to keep you at the top. Keep your websites optimized to hold the top rank on the search engine optimization.

Miami seo services

In this decade, every businessman on the society should know what search engine optimization is.  It helps a lot to stay at the top on the search engine.  Every people on the society prefer the search engines to know anything. When they are searching for any products, they do prefer what arrives at the top. Search engine optimization is the process of arrangement of the websites and it is done by the search engines. When arranging the websites, it gives the preference to the websites which is most visited by the people.  Anyone can improve the rank of their websites, but it takes some efforts.   User friendly websites, good content, attractive web design, strong coding or programming are the key things that helps to acquire the top on search engine optimization.   Keep these things clear on your websites.  If you think the search engine optimization is not necessary for the small scale or any regional business, you must change your mind.  Majority of the people are searching for the regional things on the internet.  It benefits you to improve the business profit and the reach to the next level.

SEOs are the consultancies which work to provide the ideas and work in uplifting a company online presence. It will gradually encourage the visibility throughout online resources. Most of the online businesses will have this kind of consultancy services. Thus choosing a reliable SEO is essential within each action. Many consultancies are available on the markets which are specialized on the search engine optimization. Make a few research to find the best one in market. Miami seo services know the knacks of optimizing the websites and increase the number of people visiting your websites.  Choose the best agency on the markets to reach the top.  Huge numbers of peoples are hiring the agencies over the internet.   Read the reviews before hiring the agency.  It helps you to stay away from the agencies works with the poor quality.

How to Automate SEO in Magento 2-Based Store: 5-in-1 SEO Pack Review

Recent studies show that an eCommerce store ranking high on the results page of a search engine attracts the most customers. Taking the top Google listing position gets you about 36 percent of traffic, whereas, rated on the 10th line, you have only 2 percent. The general rule is the more clicks and impressions a store website receives, the bigger its sales volumes are likely to grow. This is the power of SEO in action. However, making the force work for your benefit is easier said than done.

power of SEO

Search engine optimization is a complex combination of various activities to promote websites and landing pages through search engines. Therefore, automation is high on the agenda for retailers to aid in managing the large variety of tasks. From this article, you will learn how the 5-in-1 SEO pack by MageWorx helps Magento 2 merchants to master the art of SEO and automate some of the related routine.

What is SEO automation?

When we speak about automating search optimization, we usually mean utilizing special software to reduce the involved manual labor. Typically, SEO specialists use a collection of tools targeted at different jobs, such as:

  • finding keywords
  • tracking page analytics and search engine ranks
  • creating and monitoring automated advertising campaigns
  • performing website audits, or web crawling
  • watching out for changes in search algorithms and other essential SEO rules
  • analyzing backlinks, etc.

SEO automation

Full SEO automation—covering the entire range of activities related to website optimization from end to end—is neither practicable nor reasonable. At least, at the current level of technology. For instance, content creation is hardly the task you’d want to entrust with a machine or an application. The consequences can be devastating for your ranks—modern search engine algorithms observe too strict compliance rules to tolerate bad-quality or spammy content. On the other hand, automating the traffic monitoring enables merchants to get valuable customer insights in the blink of an eye and respond to any changes promptly.

Why Automation in SEO?

Although automatic is not always equivalent to more efficient or profitable, excluding the human component from certain SEO aspects provides the following benefits:

  • Store owners do not have to hire extensive SEO teams, which reduces business expenses considerably.
  • Automation results in substantial productivity and efficiency gains, making SEO jobs less time- and resource-consuming.
  • Involved specialists have an opportunity to focus on the creative part instead of wasting efforts on the boring routine.
  • Merchants can get accurate realtime trend data across multiple search engines, which allows them to adjust marketing and SEO strategies promptly.
  • Automating SEO enables 24/7 promotion without having to invest extra money in the long run.

About Automation with the 5-in-1 SEO Pack for Magento 2

The 5-in-1 SEO pack by MageWorx is intended to assist store administrators or SEO specialists on your team in automating search engine optimization. Though not all extensions in the pack are related directly to SEO tasks, using the five of them in the above combination guarantees the best output both for new and existing store pages. Plus the additional benefit of getting the tools at a huge discount!

SEO specialists

Read on for a review of the capabilities for each of the extensions in the pack.

SEO Suite Ultimate

The Magento 2 extension is an all-in-one toolkit that allows managing the full scope of onsite SEO activities—configuring page redirects, breadcrumbs, optimizing the content, etc. Its main features enable the following:

  • implementing canonical URLs and tags to prevent content duplication issues
  • creating SEO templates to manage essential meta elements (e.g., keywords, titles, descriptions)
  • using the rich snippets functionality to make the content in the store pages catch customers’ eyes in the search results
  • setting up hrefland tags to manage multi-language landing pages
  • configuring XML and HTML sitemaps to improve how website data is fed to search engines and represented to store visitors
  • automating cross-linking across related product pages or to reputable external sources

SEO Suite Ultimate

Both SEO pros and store owners are sure to appreciate the advantages of the suite, such as:

  • One can get access to a wide range of search engine optimization instruments in a single solution. This means greater convenience, less hectic, and minimum time spent on configuring and managing SEO settings.SEO settings
  • The websites optimized with the suite boast a well-structured architecture. For one thing, this enhances the user experience of navigating them. On the other hand, search engines find crawling and indexing such web pages easier, too.
  • Using the interface of the toolkit, you can monitor SEO issues across multiple products, categories, and web pages.

Shop by Brand

The extension in the 5-in-1 SEO pack facilitates managing and optimizing multi-brand store pages for web search and user navigation. With the extension, you can explore the following capabilities:

  • Generate automatically lists of brands on sale in your Magento 2 store or design custom landing pages to lead shoppers to offerings under specific logos.SEO pack facilitates
  • Optimize the created brand pages for engine-based search—embed them into XML sitemaps and manage metadata.
  • Set brand logos to be displayed at different locations throughout a store website, including product pages, catalogues, etc.
  • Draw the attention of site visitors to certain offers by highlighting them in a logo slider.

logo slider

The Shop by brand tool not only allows store owners to introduce brand-based navigation, but to customize it at their convenience and adapt to SEO requirements.

Layered Navigation

As you may conclude from the name, the Magento 2 add-on is designed to enhance website usability by improving onsite surfing. What does it have to offer to this end?

Layered Navigation

  • Using the extension, store administrators can configure advanced search filter settings. These include showing or hiding complementary attributes for particular products or categories, limiting access to specific pages, administrators
  • The extension makes it possible to customize the way search filters appear to a user—enable checkbox display, adjust the quantity of items on a dropdown menu, etc.
  • The tool boasts compatibility with the SEO Suite Ultimate functionality. Thus, you can use the structuring capability of the module to serve and support the needs of search engine optimization.

With the instrument, you get your customers pleased with easy onsite surfing, while maintaining the search mechanism in line with best SEO practices.

Short Category & Product URLs

The extension allows you to adjust the length of the http links leading to your store. The parameter plays a crucial role in how a category or product page of your Magento 2 store ranks in the search engine results (the so-called SERPs). The shorter the link, the closer to the top it is likely to appear.

Category & Product URLs

In terms of search engine optimization, the add-on enables store administrators to do the following:

  • To cut links to products subcategories by excluding the parent category title.
  • To verify the resulting http address for any conflicts with the already existing URLs.

products subcategories

In addition, the extension is fully compatible with SEO Suite Ultimate, allowing you to make it part of a sustainable website promotion strategy.

Landing Pages

The MageWorx tool is intended to create landing pages, tailored both to your trading concepts and SEO requirements. In particular:

  • The extension enables merchants to generate single or bulk landing pages catering to different advertising campaigns or supporting multiple store views.multiple store views
  • It features advanced options to customize product page designs—a variety of configurable building blocks, layouts, display modes, and content creation conditions.configurable building blocks
  • The module allows one to optimize newly created landing pages for engine-based search. This includes managing URLs, metadata, keywords and even incorporating the pages into the proprietary MageWorx XML sitemap.

Summing it up

The 5-in-1 SEO pack for Magento 2 by MageWorx is a powerful all-in-one search engine optimization tool, designed with the genuine needs of Magento 2 merchants in mind. The set of the extensions will accompany your store team from the very first step of creating a landing page through to promoting it on a variety of search engines.

Plus, with the free installation of all the extensions within the pack and Advanced SEO Configuration services for Magento 2 SEO Suite Ultimate―which are carried out by the SEO professionals manually― at the discounted price, this offer will bring significant benefits to both existing and just launching Magento 2-based businesses.

Extended configuration and customization options of the pack give you the freedom to build your business online by implementing efficient website design and SEO strategies. Having all the capabilities of the five extensions in the pack under your belt, you can automate most routine search optimization tasks. In turn, this will free your human and financial resources to grow and expand.

All about Verifying Your Business Listing

Consumers will prefer to verify any business first before they transact any business with them.   This is easy for customers to verify my business through Google My Business. Every company will benefit a lot from Google My Business. From exposure, to widening the customer reach, and providing accurate business information, any company will gain more from a proper listing.

Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool that will help you manage your site for it to appear on Google Search and Maps. You will be able to add the business name, location, and the business hours in this tool aside from monitor the reply to all customer reviews, add images, and find out when and how people are looking for your services.

The GMB is important for a business that is just starting with local SEO. Most of the people who are looking for a local service are on it for a purchase. That’s why it’s really important that the information that you put on your listing is accurate, complete, and highly optimized.

verify my business

The GMB only requires you to have a face to face interaction with customers. This means that you cannot operate the business 100 percent online.

Once the business is verified on Google My Business, you can then flesh out the profile. Proceed to the Google My Business dashboard and click the listing you want to work on. Select Info and pick the section you want to fill out or update.

It’s important for you to add as much information and media as you can on the profile. Include a photo for the business profile, the locations of business or areas served, work hours, attributes, date and day the business started, a phone number, and the site URL.

According to Google, businesses that have photos enjoy 35 percent more clicks on their site compared to those that don’t have photos. They also receive 42 percent more requests for driving directions in Google Maps.

The photos must be at least 720 pixels wide by 720 pixels high. They have to be in PNG or JPEG format. Maximize the number of slots allotted for photos on every listing.

It is also crucial to put a cover photo on your GMB profile. It is seen upfront and the center of the listing.

Most local businesses use the email for verification. Some businesses make use of other types of verification particularly those that operate in service areas. They can verify by phone or through the search console apart from email.

Now if you want to verify if your Google My Business account is still existing, you have several options although some may only be applicable to certain businesses. Here are the options: bulk verification, phone call, email, postcard, and instant verification.

You have to create and claim your Google My Business listing and you will see all the options available for you. The most common among the is the postcard or mail. They are available for all kinds of business and locations. Email, text, and phone are not common same as instant and bulk verifications.

The Truth About SEO, Ranking And What It Takes

Occasionally, I like to stop and look backward at all of the ventures I have pursued online. One thing I always see when I look back and see the road, I have traveled is a long and pronounced string of failures.

That is not a bad thing and I am not ashamed of it because it is a path that all webmaster has to take.

Learning how the web works and how people’s minds work in the realm of Search Engine Marketing is a daunting task in which no two situations are the same.

The fact of the matter is launching an internet business takes work, lots of work and it takes time, lots of time for some, depending on your niche.

If you are fortunate enough to be knowledgeable in a niche that is not saturated and there is a need in that niche, then odds are, you will see results for your efforts much sooner than the average marketer. Additionally, if your niche market contains products that have a higher profit margin than the average niche, you will probably make more money than the average marketer.

However, for most of us, marketing online is more of an endurance race than a sprint as we are taught by the experts.

That being said, when I look back down the road I have traveled, there are some noteworthy similarities with respect to the successes that I have had and here they are.


The sites had time to age. All of the successful sites I have had were aged to a degree. Aged in internet terms simply means more than a year old. I am not saying new sites cannot be successful and go viral. They can. However, most do not, which means that they have to hang around long enough for search engines and people to find them.

They had unique content. All of the websites that I have had success with had, to some extent, high quality and unique content, had links that actually worked and were not simply sites that pointed to others as resources.

They were up to date. I updated them regularly and visitors could tell. This, actually is why the blogging platform is so popular and why many new websites are actually placing their blog as their root script. This is how I build all of my sites now and it looks great to new visitors because the site actually looks alive. If you stop updating it, it eventually dies…

They had quality links…which actually all came from blog comments on other blogs. Blog commenting, I cannot rate highly enough as the absolute easiest source of high quality, high PR link value. There is simply nothing like it that is not taboo.

They were hobby sites. Unfortunately, this is true. All of these sites reflected the passion that I had for that niche. I you like what you are doing, it will show. There really is not alternative for interest in the subject at hand.

I have always been told that we should be be humble about our successes and laugh at and speak freely about our failures. Well, if you are in the realm of SEO, SEM or IM, you’ll have plenty to laugh about. Trust me.

How To Select The Best Digital Marketing Agency For Your Company

Not every digital marketing firm is same. Where some focus on SEO and blogging, others only create digital advertisements. Most businesses will require a mix of blogging, organic social media, paid search, social media advertising and SEO. To get the best from your investment, it is important to select the agency that suits your requirements.

Pay attention to the company size

If you think that bigger is better, then you are mistaken. In fact, the opposite is true. A smaller digital marketing agency will put in more effort and time to accomplish your work. You will get specialized and personalized attention from the professionals. This will help you get the best quality work as per your requirements.

Choosing a small-sized digital marketing firm is a good decision as it will offer you more individualized approach as compared to a big sized digital marketing company who use the same strategy for different types of clients. Another big benefit of hiring a smaller sized firm is that you can rest assured that your firm will get access to senior professionals with greater expertise.

In a large-sized digital marketing firm, junior teams with less experienced are assigned the work. At the time of dealing with a small sized agency, you can rest assured that you get assistance of highly experienced professionals to work on your project.

Digital Marketing Agency

Take a look at their past clients

When selecting a digital marketing firm, it is required that you investigate their previous clients. Reliable marketing firms will have no problems in showing you their past work samples and the clients with which they have worked before. They will also provide you case studies along with a portfolio that showcases all their successes and abilities.

It is advised for firms to look at the reviews of the digital marketing agencies, on review websites like Google and Yelp. Ottawa marketing firm is one of the most trusted digital marketing firms that have a wide testimony of previous clients to prove their success and abilities.

Check about their experience

Along with positive client testimonials, it is important to verify that the digital marketing firm has got a successful track record. Presently, market is full of several different digital marketing firms.

To ensure the best type of digital marketing plan, it is important to select an agency that has sufficient experience and expertise in the field. Find out a firm that has been there since a long time to provide its clients with quality experience and successful marketing plans.

Don’t compromise on value

It has been seen that many businesses consider price more than value when it comes to choosing a digital marketing firm. At the time of forming decisions, people choose the one that offer services at the lowest price. It is essential to select the firm that will provide you the best value than just the lowest price.


All the above tips will help you select the best digital marketing firm that provides you all services in one place. It will help in making the most successful business marketing plan for your business.