Reach your target audience easily with Soundcloud helper

Reach your target audience easily with Soundcloud helper

In present days, small bug with the new cycle feature can be noticed in the app and wouldn’t entirely correctly switch between follow and unfollow modes when using this new feature.
SoundCloud Helper has fixed this as soon as it was brought to the attention using soundcloud bot.

This web-app has an option to follow only Pro (more specifically all non free) users which is very useful. And then you won’t follow the same user twice when doing more than one cycle of follows or unfollows. It is also very minimalistic and very capable.  New features of this application include,

  • User notifications
  • First unfollow those not following back
  • Cycle

 soundcloud bot

The entire process is very automated and transparent. It sets you apart from other apps of this kind is a different approach; just line-up the application and it does everything automatically. No more physically running desktop soundcloud bot applications each and every day. It won’t boost your stats artificially; however you will see a boost in your stats, all organic.

Initially user has to uncheck “Start app on system startup” on existing copy of the app, and then quit the app. Then has to unzip the new downloaded file and shift the new app file to your original folder. All the user databases and settings will be saved if you put the new file in the original parent folder of the application. The app follows a set amount of followers from a user of your selecting. It can follow the set number of users directly or on a daily schedule.

You can also use the Cycle option to control between follow and unfollow modes automatically for entire unmaintained operation. The app automatically considers the users that you have followed and puts them into a database, so they don’t get followed again in a new cycle. If you have previously followed users on your account, and first want to unfollow these, the app will (also) regularly put these existing users in the database so they don’t get followed again.

SoundCloud is self descriptive and was requested multiple times. It is one of those feats where the app shines; when checked it remain for the application to reach 2000 users following on your account, then unfollows, and then recur. So it’s follow up to 2000, unfollow to 0 and recur. All finished through daily schedule. You just make sure it and leave and examine your numbers increase. SoundCloud Helper now has a real mean following machine here, so give it a go, we’re sure it will be even more than you thought it would be. Best of all it is all free, as our way of saying recognition.