Yuneec Q500 4k: the approachable drone

Yuneec Q500 4k: the approachable drone

Drones are fragile and breakable machines and their flight is always accompanied by risk. But yuneec q500 4k typhoon quadcopter is different. For her it is as easy as the alphabet. Yuneec Q500 4k is excitedly inviting you to explore the open skies.

Newest Drone Ever:

One of the newest drones added to a list of professional drones is Yuneec Typhoon Q500.  This drone stands out from its challenger because of her approachability. If you are in the mood of taking wonderful aerial pictures, this is the perfect drone for you.

Yuneec Typhoon is fully furnished with a 4k video camera with a skillful ground control center.The camera is capable of capturing 12-megapixel shots in slow motion action. It has a fixed grip camera and pistol grip device that could see the surroundings. Smartphones aid with the camera functions too.

yuneec q500 4k typhoon quadcopter

Yuneec Specs: 

  • It has a 4/5 total rating. Among all other drones,
  • Yuneec got the highest.
  • The flight time is 20 minutes with a video camera of 4k megapixels.
  • The flight speed is up to seventeen miles per hour.
  • It has four features namely watch me, follow me, return at home and distortion free lens.
  • The design-the typhoon has a smooth feature like other professional drones. It always keeps things simple. Because of its simplicity, the appearance became cooler than its rival. It is somewhat similar to a girly looking drone. The maker does a good job at giving the beauty of the drone by adding decorations to please the crown both air and ground. We notice that additional designs are made but don’t make it bulky.
  • Battery life- a lithium polymer type battery fuels the quadcopter for 25 minutes during the flight.If the camera is used during flight the power of the battery reduces as well. The usage of watching me follow me features during the flight also reduces to 20 minutes. To refuel it, it requires 5 hours for the battery to revive.
  • Flight performance- for beginners the control of this drone x pro is very easy. It can imitate the performance of all rivals. Exploring this little beast with a joystick is very easy. If a neophyte wants to improve their flying skills the best choice is Q500.

C0ntroller- the controller makes flight exploration easy. You can adjust anytime in a different mode flight. If you are well versed with your flight path and control, you will become the best use with this wonderful invention.