An ultimate guide to pentest Singapore

An ultimate guide to pentest Singapore

Performing the daily pentest is the main factor to the whole security posture of your organization. This is a necessary practice that proffers an organization’s clarity into the threats of the real world and to your security. As a part of a regular check of security, pentest Singapore permits you to explore the gaps in your system before an attacker does by exposing faults in your systems and proffering remediation steps.

Recently cybercrimes in ant type of form are reported after every 30 seconds all around the world. This means there is a huge chance that you or your organization might be in some critical trouble by a probable hacker in the future.

One of the ideal ways to overcome all of these is by performing a pentest.

This article covers all the possible details about pentest Singapore, make sure you don’t miss out on something important.

Stages of pentest

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This process of testing can be classified into five phases beginning with reconnaissance and planning. This is the stage where the goals and targets are planned and the details are produced. The next stage is scanning, in this, the required tools are used to recognize how a particular target reacts to threats. The third stage is where attacks are prepared to learn any possible vulnerabilities and understand how one can gain access. Phase four is access maintenance, in this APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats) are moved to inspect the access weaknesses points. The final stage is named as analysis stage, in this, all the outcome is merged and utilized to configure the WAF (Web Application Firewall) right before performing the pentest again.

Methods of pentest

You can carry out pentest in many different ways.

  • The testing externally concentrates on the assets of an organization that are exposed virtually like the domain name servers and the website of the company.
  • Testing internally performs the inspection to test the attack done by hackers also known as phishing attacks.
  • It can also be organized as a blind test, in this, you just have the name of the aimed company and nothing more to detect any probable vulnerabilities.
  • Double-blind pentest, in this the team of security has no warning from the organization and they are allowed to handle the way they want.
  • The last method is named targeted testing, in this, both the security team and tester work combined and report one another their actions and decisions throughout the whole testing process. This provides immense into the process of hackers than an estimated knowledge of security.

These are the top five methods of carrying out pentest Singapore.