Get Familiar with the Latest Programmable Wireless eSIM Technology

For several years, IoT [Internet of Things] has concentrated on data acquisition, machine learning, automated control systems, data visualization, cloud applications, and more. IoT has already created a massive value and with advancement, we are entering a world where billions will get connected and need availability.

It is the ‘Programmable Wireless’ that will help to shorten the location, delivery, and managing of smart products. It will use state-of-art cloud-based IoT platforms as well as make the connectivity between cloud and edge straightforward.

With programmable cellular data available online on Celitech worldwide web developers can build anything for the people all across the world. For example, build a fax machine or bike tracking app. Programmable wireless SIM is your friend.

Smart product manufacturers had been struggling with friction, risk, and complexity associated with transforming traditional devices into controllable and connected electronics. Besides, offering end customer management and maintenance services remotely.

The programmable wireless SIM has made it simple to spin and scale the connected systems with end-points either mobile or fixed or indoors/outdoors or at sea/land or include single/multiple sensors.

Now, web developers or companies that desire to create smart products on a global or local basis can approach Celitech. It is a cellular data platform using the best mobile networks offering customers convenient, affordable, and secure, eSIM for apps.

How to test programmable wireless SIM features?

Use an unlocked Smartphone to test the programmable wireless features. Configure your phone and connect it with your cellular network. It means you will need to set the APN [Access Point Name].

For iPhone

  • If phone language is English [US/Canada] – Settings>Cellular>Cellular Data Network
  • If phone language is English [UK] – Settings>Mobile Data> Mobile Data Network
  • Use a suitable menu path for other languages
  • Tap APN
  • Enter for Mobile/Cellular Data & LTE
  • Keep the Username & Password fields blank [programmable wireless APN don’t need authentication]

For Android

  • Settings>More networks>Mobile networks> Access point names
  • For editing access point click on Menu or +icon
  • Under APN, enter
  • Click on the new APN and configure it


If your APN is configured correctly, you will successfully send as well as receive data. Navigate across the internet. If we page load normally means you are ready to go. If the page does not load then you will need to find out where you missed a step.

How developers can benefit from wireless connectivity?

With programmable wireless SIM, developers will capably build apps that connect with a server. Internet connection is necessary for connectivity and they need some interaction with backend or API [Application Programming Interface].

Therefore, development team can properly build and maintain app-focused backend using programmable eSIM. For example, Mobile data API can help local restaurants to connect their wireless printers directly. There will be no need for POS compatibility or WiFi cables.

Consumer-end IoT solution management is tricky, especially for non-tech people. They can get help from Celitech or Twilio documentation and blueprints. International travelers can access online services on their smart devices using programmable wireless eSIM. Give it a try!

Learn Some Important FAQs About eSIM

eSIMs are the future of technology with no physical presence of SIMs and the range covering in all areas. eSIM reduces space and you do not need any physical SIM for mobile data API. Well, many people face problems with understanding the use of eSIMs and how one can operate it.

CeliTech is the first digital cellular platform for helping businesses with customer satisfaction. It offers the best network and mobile data eSIM at affordable and secure environments. It also offers digitally friendly and convenient wireless data services.

Some FAQs on eSIM are listed as under:

  • What is the meaning of an eSIM?

It is an embedded sim inside your device. Using eSIM, you don’t have to make use of physical SIM in your device. It stores data needed by the device for connection and makes use of the Verizon network.

  • How to activate eSIM on a device?

For making any changes to your account, you have to be the account owner or even the account manager. For activation of eSIM on your device, you can go to the stores or contact your network provider.

Regarding eSIM profiles

  • What is meant by an eSIM profile?

An eSIM profile is like a virtual profile providing store user’s subscriptions and all the network settings.

  • What is the necessity of the eSIM profile?

An eSIM profile comes in handy at the time of connecting with the network operator for sending and receiving data, calls, and texts.

In the case of unlocking of the phone

  • How to know if the phone is locked?

For checking if your phone is locked, you can contact the network provider. You can unlock phones with networks but only depending on the terms and conditions on the network agreement.

  • Is it possible to receive calls and messages on both numbers that you have?

If you have both numbers, then you can receive calls and texts on both the numbers. If you are on call in another number, then any call on your eSIM number will go to your voicemail. But you won’t be receiving any notification for the missed call.

  • What are the benefits of having dual SIM and eSIM?

Having dual SIM with an eSIM opens up many opportunities that were not available with physical SIM. Like:

  1. Using two phone numbers and two plans on a single device
  2. Being able to use a data plan on a foreign carrier without changing the SIM.
  • What is the difference with devices having eSIM only and that having a dual SIM along with an eSIM?

A device with the only eSIM means there can be only one sim there on the phone. While A device having both dual and eSIM allows having two different numbers on the same device. Those devices support one physical sim and one eSIM.


eSIM allows wireless eSIM for apps and it is becoming so much handy in the present times. The present world is switching to eSIM but before changing, go through the FAQs if you have any questions in your mind.


Data is a crucial aspect of running a business. Clients leave their sensitive data with companies expecting high-levels of security, and having the right backup facility is imperative. More often than not,we leave our client’s information on computers in the workplace. This becomes an issue during unprecedented situations where the computer crashes or is stolen, and no secondary data backup is available.In the worst-case scenario, it could mean your business coming to a standstill.

Currently, businesses will go to great lengths to keep crucial data safe. Here’s why.

  • To increase productivity

Data loss is not only a bummer, but also a time-waster. Companies will employ various tactics, including the use of a RAID calculator to improve performance and cut out redundancy levels. Production comes to a halt when the loss of company data occurs.Depending on the amount of data you have, trying to recover lost data through the help of a professional tech-guy consumes time.However, with onsite or online data back-up solutions, companies can go through the recovery of data faster and get productivity to previous levels.

  • For Plan B purposes

It is not uncommon for employees to lose individual files. Other times, a client might misplace some valuable information and ask a business to resend the data. By continually backing up company and client information, a plan b is created.

  • Safeguards client relationship

During business processes, clients leave relevant information with company employees. It is this information that the company uses to contact customers, complete orders,and other things. How unprofessional is it to ask a client about the information they already left at the office? That is why data backup is important. Knowing that information regarding customers and payments is secured and backed up improves client relationships and also facilitates better sales and marketing efforts.

  • Peace of mind

Companies that perform regular data backups don’t have to worry too much.There is so much that can go wrong in an instant. Computer crashes, natural disasters, and cyber crime are some of them. Companies with solid backup facilities do not spend the better part of their day worrying. They have peace of mind knowing that, in the event of a crash,all important company information is secured.


Gone are the days when data backup was a lengthy and tedious process. It no longer involves the storage of physical papers or documents.Now, technological advancements in the backup processes let you perform online data backups. Online backups have streamlined and revolutionized data storage into an easier, faster, and more secure process.With such robust options, no business has an excuse for not backing up sensitive data.

How to Structure your Business IT Solutions Around your Business Needs in 2020

Digital transformation boosts performance and effectively future-proofs business in a rapidly evolving digital world. In such a fast-paced environment, it’s easy as a business owner to feel overwhelmed and ‘out of their depth’ when it comes to implementing new technology.

Your current IT system, which seemed so capable a few years ago, now seems slow and may becoming obsolete. It’s probably not just an upgrade you need but new tools, new software and a new way of working. Understanding just what and what is not needed can be a mine field, certainly when you consider that the digital world is rapidly evolving at a frightening pace.

Even if you have your own in-house IT individual or team, it is easy to fall behind with the latest developments, software updates and new products as they come to market. How do you know if you actually need these new products? When is the right time to undergo digital transformation and how can you be sure you are fully protected against ever evolving cyber threats?

Before you begin to answer these questions, you need to evaluate your business. Which areas can be improved, where can processes be streamlined and what budget are you going to set aside for the transformation?

Digital strategy focuses on using technology to boost business performance and help maintain a competitive edge. One of the most cost-effective ways to deal with any kind of IT solutions or strategies is to enlist the support services of an IT consultancy who can help you assess areas for improvement or change.

Digital Transformation


Key components to consider of a digital strategy:

  • Online presence – website, social media and advertising
  • Digital marketing – adverts, blogs, banner ads and blogs
  • Customer interaction – Communication, customer details and accounting
  • Online security – Data storage and protection, secure payments
  • Efficiency – Managing time sheets and pay, ordering supplies

Staying ahead of the technology curve and adopting the latest technology is often a barrier for small to medium sized business who have limited expertise and a tight budget. Whilst you might think that outsourcing your IT requirements is an expense you cannot afford; you might be pleasantly surprised just how cost-effective an IT support consultancy can be.

IT support is not just about fixing problems. It is also about increasing performance and optimising the usability of each and every component within a system. An IT consultancy will create a technology road map for businesses which keeps them secure and up-to-date for years to come.

An IT professional has the skills and knowledge to manage and maintain a network whilst keeping it as secure as possible from potential cyber threats. Outsourcing IT support is a cost-effective way of keeping your company running smoothly without disruption to your core business.

When you consider employing, training and maintaining an in-house IT consultant may exceed the £45k mark, suddenly outsourcing your IT support becomes a much more viable option. Add to this that you get access to a whole team of IT experts and can pay for as much or as little support as you need, the package becomes even more attractive.

Five Best Ways to Motivate Your Software Engineering Teams

Today’s software engineers want more than excellent payroll and benefits. Motivation leads to higher achievement and fulfilment in the job. Below are some ways to motivate your software engineering teams, so let’s begin:

1- Use new technology:

Technology is always changing, and techies are proud of themselves to keep up with the times. If they are stuck for months trying to maintain old and broken code written a long time ago on old technologies, they will be disappointed. It may be time for revamping that software and modernizing.

2- Training:

Once you agree that it is time to get rid of the old and go with the times, make sure that there are plenty of opportunities for employees to receive proper training to demonstrate their full potential. Check what kind of training is available and make sure you are tailored to your software engineers’ needs so that they feel ready before launching an exciting and new technology.

Software Engineering Teams

3- Recognition:

Employees like recognition. Whether they are doing something that no one else wants to do or taking the initiative to do something new, they do not want their efforts to go unnoticed. Software engineers are often introverted, preferring privacy over public identity and appreciating their peer recognition for the best part of creative code. Establishing a culture where people regularly thank each other and thank colleagues and employees creates a happier workforce. There are various organizations that help to identify the identifying power of organizations and how to do it.

4- Opportunities to Grow:

Managers need to work with employees to understand what they want for their future. Most engineers want to be technical without going into the management path, but they need to make sure they can stay in the company. Giving them opportunities to excel in the organization and become technological leaders will go a long way in helping your software engineers maintain quality artistry and loyalty to the business.

5- Opportunities to Innovate:

Hackathons and similar efforts give employees free genetic control to operate within the code outside of their normal work activities, which has led to innovations that benefit employees and employers. Events that inspire software engineers to have fun and experimentation are great ways to provide more autonomy and invest in the creativity and ingenuity of your staff members.

Last Few words:

Motivation is much needed; no matter how best the person is for any role. Building the best software engineering teams takes more time than finding the best developers. So, it is good to keep your team motivated for a proper and more efficient work. Communicate with your team and understand what they need. These tips will surely help you to motivate your team.