5 features of Mp Social to note

Are you a person with a mindset of starting a startup of your own? Or are you a person who wants to take their business on digital platforms? To launch a business online or for even thinking about it requires planning, and that planning is best done by professional (also known as mass planner team). If you are preparing to convert one such idea into reality, then you surely need some ideas and advice on how to extract the most from the universe of social media. MP social is one such firm, which helps you create, share and learn on how to succeed on social media.

The process of nurturing an idea into reality is a challenging process, in which you come across so many doubts, confusions, and even apprehension. Here’s where Mp Social will help you, they will provide you the platform to clear all your doubts and confusions and also will allow you to gain knowledge, tactics, and sense from other people’s experience in that particular field.

Mp Social is a discussion forum with many different features that other discussion forum does not offer, some of them are

Instant Care for Users

‘Time’ is what we desire the most. And on Mp Social when any problem arises, the user can instantly contact the mass planner team of Mp Social specially designed to take care of the issues which the registered user may face. They are always up to solve any urgent or critical issue that the users come across on this site.

Structured Discussion forum

Most of the discussion websites have just the user interface in which the user can type his/her question and can start the discussion on that particular query immediately. But when it comes to searching for a particular type of discussions for researching purposes, they fail to provide the user with it. Mp Social has a structured and pretty much clear categorical section made for discussion. Through which user can easily search and opt the place of asking his/her particular query.

Moderators at your service!

We all have been through those websites where discussion becomes a fish market and chats become unethical. On Mp Social, moderators come to your rescue on such events. They review each and every post for maintaining the quality of information obtained through their website. They have a special authority to either allow or not allow a comment or query to be created. Although they try to review each and every post, but its user’s duty also to flag off any bad behavior and report it to moderators as soon as possible to take a look at the content posted.

Tags for recent social issues

Most of the issues which any social marketer come across are from the recently in trends marketing websites like twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, Facebook, Instagram etc. Now, as we discussed above that Mp Social has one of having a feature of structured discussion. This is further enhanced by this feature because these discussions are already created by them and it helps users to directly start conversations on a topic related to these various trendy websites issues.

User-friendly Offers and Competition

What keeps up the spirit of users and marketers! Some creative competitions and some attractive offers and gifts, isn’t it! Mp social has started a competition on their website for their users to make their user card as attractive as they can and win a free 1-month license of a mass planner (which they provide to premium users).


3 Proven Techniques to Fix Critical Process Died Windows 10

In today’s tech-infested world, almost everybody owns a personal computer or laptop. Since the inception of technology, operating systems have been evolving continuously. Recently, the Windows 10 operating system is has taken on the world.

Most Windows 10 users seem to face one strange problem which is commonly called the Blue Screen of Death(BSOD).

Difficulties with Windows 10:

The users of the Windows 10 operating system might get scared at first if they don’t have the know-how to fix the critical process died Windows 10. This error code (0x000000EF)shows as a blue screen error on your system.

The main reason for this error is the improper running of the critical system process. If you notice this error on your device that means it’s not running properly. The OSmight display an error message like:

“Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We’re just collecting some error info, and then we’ll restart for you (x% complete).”

Windows 10

Reasons for critical Process died error:

The critical system process is crucial to your system. The critical process died error occurs due to several reasons:

  1. Issues with the RAM
  2. Error could occur due to the presence of the viruses
  3. Presence of the bad sectors in the disk
  4. Compatibility issues may also be a reason for this error.
  5. Corrupted system files

Ways to fix critical process died error:

Now that you’re familiar with some of the reasons for the BSOD error, it’s time to discuss innovative ways to fix this error. This will make sure your Windows system is up to date and works to its full potential. Once you take these pointers into consideration, you’re on your way to a hassle-free Windows 10 experience:

Technique #1: Repair Windows registry and system files

If you’re getting the blue screen error, then it’s important to repair the Windows registry. Why? Every time, you install and uninstall software, a registry key will add to Windows. Sometimes, this registry key might get disturbed and corrupted frequently. So, it’s important that you check and fix this error by using software, such as Total System Care.This software is one of the best in the market today! It removes all unwanted Windows registry files and replaces the corrupted ones. This tool is also called as the “critical process died fixer tool.”

Technique #2: Scanning and fixing damaged files

This is also another good method to resolve the BSOD issue. You need to use the System file checker, which is a readily available tool provided by the Windows OS. You can scan and fix the corrupted system files by utilizing this tool.

Technique #3: Reinstalling your Windows:

Eventually, you can try another simple and easy method which is refreshing or reinstalling Windows. Keep in mind that before reinstalling Windows, take a backup of your data present in your C drive.

If you’re concerned about the BSOD error, then try the methods mentioned above to fix this critical process died error in intelligently and deftness.

Life Gets Better With Technology

Technology has evolved to the extent that you can get just about anythingwithin minutes. You might be busy getting attuned to a technology-infested lifestyle, but might lose out on health and wellness. Every year, you promise to follow a strict health plan, but somehow it’s gets buried in the past.

Make use of your smartphone by installing health-related apps to help you stay hale and hearty.

  • Reduce phone usage

Your goal for the New Year would be to control phone usage; to reduce frequently looking at your phone screen for notifications. There’s an app to beat your addiction to the phone, which can fun and challenging called the Forest app. This app fixes a time during your schedule that avoids your desire to check for any sort of app notifications.

The timer is set in an interesting way. It’s built around the concept of keeping a forest green and alive. The proper usage keeps plants happy and also rewards you with certain coins. If you go beyond the timer, the forest begins to wither. Make sure you manage the timer wisely and focus on keeping the forest alive by not stealing a peak.

Forest app is available for Android and iOS platform.


  • Quit smoking

HabitBull is another app that helps in staying true to your health goals. This app enables you to personalize your health habits and tracks your goals. Your track report is measured every week and can be viewed in a graphical representation.

HabitBull app monitors your bad habits, such as smoking, excess alcohol intake, and the urge for nail-biting. The pattern that you get every week helps to work on the habits slowly. This app gives you an estimated hours spent on social media.

  • Discover new things

Blinkist is an interesting app that inspires to read nonfiction or fact-based books. The app has several written documents that are fragmented into pages. Blinkist is quick and fast because you can read in one blink! Use this app during coffee breaks to unwind and relax.

Ultimately, your goal is to stay fit and strong, this app is a motivator especially for jogging. It’s preloaded with motivational audio and health tips as well.

  • Balance your life

GoalTracker allows setting life goals, such as career goals, health, personal interest, entertainment, monthly expenses, and much more. This app helps you succeed in whatever goal you have set for yourself.

GoalTracker gets you addicted to all good habits, like physical activity, getting adequate amount of water into the body, and much more. It keeps you away from drinking alcohol and smoking too.

Health is the greatest wealth you can ask for

You can achieve anything and everything in this world, but health is wealth! When you’re fit and strong your dreams of going places come true. You gather the courage to discover new things. Make use of technology in accomplishing great things, but not at the cost of your health. Health comes first, and you need to nurture it time and again to keep fit. Making Easy Paper Airplane is the best hobby for many people.