Life Gets Better With Technology

Life Gets Better With Technology

Technology has evolved to the extent that you can get just about anythingwithin minutes. You might be busy getting attuned to a technology-infested lifestyle, but might lose out on health and wellness. Every year, you promise to follow a strict health plan, but somehow it’s gets buried in the past.

Make use of your smartphone by installing health-related apps to help you stay hale and hearty.

  • Reduce phone usage

Your goal for the New Year would be to control phone usage; to reduce frequently looking at your phone screen for notifications. There’s an app to beat your addiction to the phone, which can fun and challenging called the Forest app. This app fixes a time during your schedule that avoids your desire to check for any sort of app notifications.

The timer is set in an interesting way. It’s built around the concept of keeping a forest green and alive. The proper usage keeps plants happy and also rewards you with certain coins. If you go beyond the timer, the forest begins to wither. Make sure you manage the timer wisely and focus on keeping the forest alive by not stealing a peak.

Forest app is available for Android and iOS platform.


  • Quit smoking

HabitBull is another app that helps in staying true to your health goals. This app enables you to personalize your health habits and tracks your goals. Your track report is measured every week and can be viewed in a graphical representation.

HabitBull app monitors your bad habits, such as smoking, excess alcohol intake, and the urge for nail-biting. The pattern that you get every week helps to work on the habits slowly. This app gives you an estimated hours spent on social media.

  • Discover new things

Blinkist is an interesting app that inspires to read nonfiction or fact-based books. The app has several written documents that are fragmented into pages. Blinkist is quick and fast because you can read in one blink! Use this app during coffee breaks to unwind and relax.

Ultimately, your goal is to stay fit and strong, this app is a motivator especially for jogging. It’s preloaded with motivational audio and health tips as well.

  • Balance your life

GoalTracker allows setting life goals, such as career goals, health, personal interest, entertainment, monthly expenses, and much more. This app helps you succeed in whatever goal you have set for yourself.

GoalTracker gets you addicted to all good habits, like physical activity, getting adequate amount of water into the body, and much more. It keeps you away from drinking alcohol and smoking too.

Health is the greatest wealth you can ask for

You can achieve anything and everything in this world, but health is wealth! When you’re fit and strong your dreams of going places come true. You gather the courage to discover new things. Make use of technology in accomplishing great things, but not at the cost of your health. Health comes first, and you need to nurture it time and again to keep fit. Making Easy Paper Airplane is the best hobby for many people.