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5 Digital Marketing to Watch Out for This 2019

5 Digital Marketing to Watch Out for This 2019

Digital marketing is not a new thing in the business world. However, it is something that is getting more and more popular. The internet opened and an entirely new side to marketing. It’s has gotten so big that businesses are searching outsourcing marketing agency Australia to see how they can benefit from it.

With more and more people trying to see what this kind of marketing can do for them, the more the practice evolves. Search algorithms and analytics are always changing to fit the need of the masses. So, practitioners too, need to adjust to those changes. With that here are some trends to look out for in the next year.

1) Instagram and Live Videos Making a Big Impact

As it stands, Instagram is already a big deal. It is a huge hit especially for the younger demographic. The under 30 demographics helped the social media platform pass over one billion users, and that is in part due to its parent company Facebook being seen as “for old people.” Expect to see more campaign directed at the youth to pop up on this site.

There is more to Instagram than just it’s market pull. Live video is a rising star in this industry and platforms like Twitch shows why. The platform is used by gamers to stream their gameplay and has amassed a great deal of buzz. Instagram has a live video feature as well. Now if campaigns pair that with the influencers on the platform, we might be looking at the next big thing.

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2) More Video Campaigns and Facebook Peaking

Facebook has had a rocky 2018. It had a data breach that affected around 14 million of its users. However, more than that the younger demographic has been having negative views on it because how it has been used for political propaganda and other similar agenda. It is still the number one social media platform on the planet. However, it is no longer the best approach for every single market. For example, 41% of its American users are 65 and over.

However, an excellent universal campaign strategy is videos. YouTube has had its fair share of difficulties recently, but it shows no signs of slowing down. The video platform is used by 73% of all Americans, and they have some of the best on hand analytics for data gathering. It may be the best approach for digital marketing today with the audience engagement of videos matched with data analytics.

3) The Rise of Voice Search

Of all the trends to watch out for in 2019, this might be the hardest to prepare for. Although the industry saw it coming, adjustments are going to be challenging. With digital assistants like Siri and Alexa being a feature in smartphones verbal interaction has been on the rise.

Verbal interaction can significantly change the approach practitioners have towards content. They might opt for content better suited for saying out loud than being read. There is also a matter of how many results a voice search can show at a time. Thus, competition over rankings might get more straining. Still, the point of looking at these trends is to know how to adjust to them. Now, as most people know digital marketing is about knowing how to adapt.