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How To Make Your Website Seo Friendly

How To Make Your Website Seo Friendly

If you own a website, you may also know about Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, as it’s commonly known. You may have also heard why having SEO friendly websites is an advantage; about how such websites can bring you enviable traffic. All of which is true. However, it is also something that’s tough to achieve on your own provided you use the services of an SEO web design company.

Working on this aspect of your website needs to be given importance in the initial stages of creating a website. However, this is often the part that gets neglected and left out completely. As a result, the website fails to get crawled over by a search engine; fails to get ranked on the result pages and make it known to the readers. All of it, ultimately, results in lack of traffic, or low traffic. This can be detrimental to the image of the website.

SEO web design can be quite confusing for those not very technologically friendly, but it is not entirely impossible to be attempted. There are a few elements that can be worked on by most of us.

AN SEO FRIENDLY WEBSITE has a content that gets a status of the king. Working on content that is also organized and presented in a way that gets it attention from readers gives the website the traffic it deserves.

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Planning the website, choosing the right theme, designing and building pages appropriately brings the website to the notice of search engines.

Pages of a website that load faster significantly improves search results as opposed to pages that take a long time to load.

Web pages that are created for mobile devices improve the ranking of the website in search engines. Creating such a responsive site helps as today mobiles are used on to a great extent to access the web world.

Creating title tags that include keywords as well as services provided by the website also helps in making a website SEO friendly as these keywords get tracked faster by a search engine. Of course, the URLs should be short and easy to read, too, as longer URLs could get avoided by search engines as well as people.

Interlinking the various web pages with each other also helps search engines. Navigation made easier through interlinking makes easier for pages to rack well in a search engine.

Creating a website is like building a house. Handing over the entire creation of the house to a person who may not know the intricacies of building it could land you in trouble. Similarly, it’s best to let an SEO person work on creating a website that’s SEO friendly, because not every web designer is an SEO person.