It is such a bad feeling when you accidentally drop your phone in water. The feeling is tenfold if it is an iPhone! Before you give in to defeat, there are a number of things you can do to see if the phone is damaged. You just might be lucky because it is possible to do an iPhone water repair.

Ways to identify if your iPhone has been damages by water

iPhones have indicators that will show you if the phone has been damaged. iPhone has a white tab which will remain white if there is no water damage. If unfortunately the water was enough to cause damage, this white tab will turn red. Different models have specific areas from which you can make this assessment.

  • iPhone 4 and 4s have the indicator in the charging port
  • iPhone 5,5c, 5S and SE have the indicator in the sim card slot
  • iPhone6, 6s, 6s and 6s plus also have the indicator in the sim card slot
  • iPhone 7 and 7s also has the indicator in the sim card slot

iPhone water damage

Steps to take when your iPhone comes into contact with water

  • Ensure you turn the phone off immediately. Remember this is an electronic and can easily short circuit if it is left on. A short circuit will just increase the repairs you need to make especially if the phone is damaged by water.
  • If your phone has a casing, remove it.
  • Remove the sim card tray.
  • Use an absorbent paper to wipe your phone
  • To remove water from your charging port, headphone jack and sim card tray, use a wrapped tooth pick to wipe hard to reach areas.
  • Give your phone time to dry before turning it on. You need to practice patience if you want your phone to completely dry out. Impatience would only do more damage to your phone.

When your iPhone is exposed to water damage, several things could happen.

  • It could fail to turn on
  • It may not respond when it is being charged
  • The screen may be damaged by water. This damage may be in form of lines or dark patches on the screen

These steps will only stop your phone from further damage. However, to get your iPhone in working order again, it is important to take it for an iPhone water damage. A fast reaction may be the best thing you could do for your phone after such an accident. When phones get damaged, it is not always about the gadget but the information in it. Safeguard your saved information by consulting with a professional as soon as possible.