Your Guide to Installing Screen Guard

Your Guide to Installing Screen Guard

You have to know that screen is one of the most expensive parts of a phone. With this, it is important that you take good care of it if you do not want to buy a new one prematurely. To protect the screen from abrasions and scratches, you should consider screen guard.

There are many screen guards online. If you want to buy, you have to decide between plastic films and tempered glass. Of these two types, the most durable and sturdy is tempered glass. You should also consider lifetime replacement guarantee like zagg warranty to make the most out of your money.

You can typically install it. Many people who tried to install it complain about giant bubbles in the middle of the screen protector. If you do not want to waste a good screen guard because you do not know how to install it, it is better to leave it to the experts. Installing is not really rocket science. You will be successful installing if you consider the following things:

Gather the things you need

Many people complain about the bubbles not knowing that they installed the screen guard incorrectly. To install correctly, the first thing that you should do is gather the things you need within arm’s reach. You need microfiber cloth, alcohol wipe, credit card (if installation card is not available) and patience. You also need a clean working area.

It is a good decision to get tempered glass screen protector. Tempered glass is better because it offers more protection, won’t scratch easily, no visible bubbles and smoother on fingers.

Clean the screen

The next step is somehow critical. If you do not clean the screen thoroughly, the dust and oil will be trapped inside. Use alcohol wipe when cleaning the screen and then polish it using a microfiber cloth.

Remove one layer

You have to know that there is a plastic film on one side. You should remove the protective player. Once you remove it, you will see an adhesive side. Be sure to hold it on the edges so you do not leave any fingerprints. The adhesive side should be put on the screen.


When you put the tempered glass on the screen, make sure that you align it with the screen’s display portion. It should line up evenly with the speakers and camera. Remember that if you do not align it evenly, you cannot just remove it and stick it again. If it is not good, you have to replace it with a new one.

Press it

After aligning, you can give a soft press in the center. You have to wait and allow the adhesive surface settle to the screen naturally.

Take care of the bubbles

If you see bubbles, you can get rid of it using a credit card or any installation card available. Gently move the card or cloth toward the edges of the screen guard.

That should do it. This may sound simple but when you are actually installing it, it will prove to be challenging. Just keep your patience to be successful.