All about Verifying Your Business Listing

All about Verifying Your Business Listing

Consumers will prefer to verify any business first before they transact any business with them.   This is easy for customers to verify my business through Google My Business. Every company will benefit a lot from Google My Business. From exposure, to widening the customer reach, and providing accurate business information, any company will gain more from a proper listing.

Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool that will help you manage your site for it to appear on Google Search and Maps. You will be able to add the business name, location, and the business hours in this tool aside from monitor the reply to all customer reviews, add images, and find out when and how people are looking for your services.

The GMB is important for a business that is just starting with local SEO. Most of the people who are looking for a local service are on it for a purchase. That’s why it’s really important that the information that you put on your listing is accurate, complete, and highly optimized.

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The GMB only requires you to have a face to face interaction with customers. This means that you cannot operate the business 100 percent online.

Once the business is verified on Google My Business, you can then flesh out the profile. Proceed to the Google My Business dashboard and click the listing you want to work on. Select Info and pick the section you want to fill out or update.

It’s important for you to add as much information and media as you can on the profile. Include a photo for the business profile, the locations of business or areas served, work hours, attributes, date and day the business started, a phone number, and the site URL.

According to Google, businesses that have photos enjoy 35 percent more clicks on their site compared to those that don’t have photos. They also receive 42 percent more requests for driving directions in Google Maps.

The photos must be at least 720 pixels wide by 720 pixels high. They have to be in PNG or JPEG format. Maximize the number of slots allotted for photos on every listing.

It is also crucial to put a cover photo on your GMB profile. It is seen upfront and the center of the listing.

Most local businesses use the email for verification. Some businesses make use of other types of verification particularly those that operate in service areas. They can verify by phone or through the search console apart from email.

Now if you want to verify if your Google My Business account is still existing, you have several options although some may only be applicable to certain businesses. Here are the options: bulk verification, phone call, email, postcard, and instant verification.

You have to create and claim your Google My Business listing and you will see all the options available for you. The most common among the is the postcard or mail. They are available for all kinds of business and locations. Email, text, and phone are not common same as instant and bulk verifications.