Blu-Ray, CD, DVD Replication and Production: Why Is It Still Essential?

Blu-Ray, CD, DVD Replication and Production: Why Is It Still Essential?

In this age, gone is the world of video rentals and radios, but welcomes the age of digital streaming. Music and movies that you can download, watch and play online. Physical media is slowly dying, but there are some things that DVDs, CDs, and Blu-rays still have advantages of in the world of Netflix and Spotify. Find out more why Blu-Ray, CD, and DVD replication and production is still essential.

Picture and Sound Quality of Physical Media

To start this topic, let’s talk about the essential element when it comes to the home viewing experience, and that is the picture and sound quality. With Blu-Rays and DVDs, you are not stuck to the issues of internet speed and connection.

Right now, the gold benchmark in home video is what we know as 4K, meaning the created picture has at least 8 million pixels. With this kind of resolution, you or your family can enjoy a denser and sharper image. Though some streaming apps offer a 4K resolution, however, when comparing it to the physical media, the 4K streaming seems like you are watching a traditional 1080p, giving Blu-Ray more advantage over streaming.


Aside from the picture quality, streaming services cannot handle the latest and greatest technology when it comes to surround sound. The detailed and gloriously rich seven-speaker sound produced by DTS HD or Dolby TrueHD Master Audio is the standards that have been with Blu-Rays for years. If you just set it up correctly, the said audio formats can give you a dynamic action scene. Just imagine watching Star Wars or your favorite movie with this format, can make you think you are in the film.

The main concern with streaming is how they processed the picture for sometimes they need to be compressed for you to be able to watch it over the net efficiently. While discs, on the other hand, is sent directly to the television without suffering the same issue.

It Has Added Features and Consistent Access

Aside from the technical aspect, DVDs and Blu-Rays comes with extra, from behind-the-scenes to commentary, which can aid you to understand the filmmakers and the process of creating the film. Though these extras are for film promotion, it’ll help you discover something more revealing. It will help you learn more about the personalities of the actors and how they made the movie.

Yes, Netflix does offer a set of titles. However, it is more of a library, wherein, you can only get to choose in the collection of lists that they have as of the moment. Not entirely a bad thing, but, owning a disc yourself is different.

It Gives You A Deeper Connection

More than anything else, physical media’s edge over streaming services is the ownership. Meaning, having a physical object that you can display, touch, hold and see won’t be unknowingly taken away from you by some programmers who manage the streaming sites. It means that you have this connection with the thing itself, and you can get to watch your favorite movie in the highest possible quality anytime and anywhere.

Though you can also always watch your movies online, however, the unreliability of the internet connection, the quality of the film or music makes it more difficult and a tad frustrating. If you are looking for the best video and sound quality, you can check out to help you with your Blu-Ray, CD, and DVD replication and production.


Streaming services are useful, but, the original programming alone can make the services worthy. However, streaming is more of like a channel surfing; you are choosing whatever’s on from a selection placed there by someone else. Unlike owning physical media, you get to decide what you want to watch from your own choices or at least from family or friends who know you that give you movies as a gift.