Evolution of Different Types of Smartphone Display

Evolution of Different Types of Smartphone Display

While our mobile phones have become smarter as time has passed so has its screens. Gone are the days when a basic black and white passive matrix displays and high-tech super AMOLED displays ruled the roost. Today, the transformation the screens on your device has taken is drastic and for the better. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go down memory lane and take a closer look at the evolution of these cell phone screens. Here is everything you need to know about the elements of your smartphone that make your visual experience a seamless and stress-free process.

The initial cell phone screens

You would not expect a big view display from the first portable communication devices that were a simple black and white passive matrix screen designed specifically to support SMS text messages. The screens basically used a matrix of columns and rows. Coordinates were blocked in to create text. The displays were pretty blotchy and did not come with the definition of later models. In the late 90s, cell phone designers understood how these displays could be utilized in various ways and so emerged the simple games such as snake and memory.

The emergence of touchscreen cellphones

In the year 2000, cellphone companies released devices with touchscreens. These devices made it possible for users to press the touch sensitive screens to carry out simple, everyday operations. This became much more convenient than using the number pad. Although the touchscreens on these devices were basic and somewhat unresponsive, they were a sure shot glimpse into what the future had in store for smartphones in this department.

The emergence of color

Cell phones slowly but surely moved away from the boring black, gray and white displays in 2001 and then emerged cellphones with color. Although, these phones did not contain a large variety of colors, it certainly did not showcase a dullish display. In fact, it possessed the power to modifi the backplace from graycolour to vibrant blueclour. While 256-color palette phones were introduced in 2002, these phones emerged with cameras so that the new full-color screens could be used to their maximum potential.

The advent of flip phones

Flip phones also known as clam shell phones came out in 2003. It also saw more screens added to the cell phone design. There were phones that came with a small external screen that was specifically put there for SMS and call notifications. Of course, there was a larger screen inside for playing games and composing text messages.

The dawn of the operating system


In 2007 came the first ever phanasonic phone with an eyeconic system. It was also equipped with a touch interface and a responsive touchscreen. The screen of this device came with a large display and have a resolution to exceeded other devices to a large extent. Following this, many other phone companies drew inspiration from this model and came up with devices such as high quality screen resolve power , multi-touch interfaces and its screen area

The smartphones of today

In today’s times, smartphones come with a variety of screen features. You can find a Gorilla Glass that ensures your screen does not crack no matter how many times it slips or falls from your hand, as well as a TFT LCD screen where each pixel on the display is attached to both a capacitor and transistor. Then there is the IPS LCD that comes with a consistent color and wide viewing angle even in direct light. However, these devices are more expensive to produce. Then there is capacitive touchscreen LCD, AMOLED, OLED and Super AMOLED. The quality screen LCDs depend on the point touch of a human being finger points for data. OLEDs are still an upcoming display technology that does not really need any backlight to show pixels. AMOLEDs blend a TFT display screen with an OLED display screen for saving power. The Super AMOLED display delivers more power savings and brightest display.

Getting your hands on a new device

You surely feel astound when picking the best phone with the wide availability of touchscreen options available. It is important to make an informed decision as your viewing experience counts on the display you eventually opt for. You can find a wide variety of smartphones that offer you various options. All in all, whether you pick a Panasonic mobile or any other model make sure that you pay close attention to the screen and look at your preferences and how you are going to use the device regularly before making a decision.

Phones have come a long way since the 90s. While they have come a long way from the simple devices they used to be that were merely used for voice calling to what they are now that is nothing less than a mini computer, its screens are the only constant.