How to get a new postpaid phone connection

How to get a new postpaid phone connection

Want to buy a new postpaid plan but confused about which provider to go with? Read this article for more clarity.

With an open economy spurring competition among rival brands across different business sectors, you are left confused about which product and service to buy. Should you opt for one company over another, is one product better than the rest, which one provides the best value for your money?

Instead of getting bogged down by the sheer variety of products on offer, especially if you are looking for a new postpaid connection, simply follow our simple guide on how to buy it:

* Know exactly what you need. You can choose the new postpaid connection basis the use you are going to put it to. This simply means that, you must first start by assessing what kind of usage you really have. If you make a lot of calls all day for work, or if your work involves a lot of travel and hence you need to surf on your phone constantly, then the best postpaid plan is one with unlimited local, STD and roaming calls and 75 GB or more data per month. But if you chat or call only desultorily and surf only for specific times per day, then a plan with lower data will also do.

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* Look for the right service provider. There are several mobile service providers today, but do go with only the leading ones in India.Leading service providers have the widest network coverage, i.e. a wide geographical distribution of towers that give you uninterrupted service. Generally, the service provider you choose must have the choicest pick of data plans, at an affordable cost. The provider must also give you the option to easily change the new postpaid connection at a later date, or switch back to a pre-paid connection if you feel that you don’t want a postpaid one. A service provider with a good bill paying app is a big plus.

* Ask for the full range of plan features. The right postpaid plan is one which includes all the benefits that you could possibly need. These benefits span the touchpoints of affordability, excellent network availability, choice of several plans, easy joining up process and easy bill payment options. For instance, consider the plan options that leading providers offer on their postpaid plans: minimum 75GB data/month, unlimited calls, free live TV, movie streaming, one-year Amazon Prime and 3-months Netflix free subscription, a variety of plan options priced at Rs499, Rs749, Rs999 and Rs 1,599. Please inquire about all the plan features being offered, and which would be the best fit for your phone usage.

* Compare prices and features across other plans. But even when you find the best new postpaid connection, do take the time to find comparable plans across service providers. Every plan offers some unique benefits and some glaring drawbacks, so you might wish to weigh all the pros and cons before you proceed.