How to watch Netflix USA when you’re the other side of the world

How to watch Netflix USA when you’re the other side of the world

Up for deliberation, it has to be said that many Netflix subscribers consider Netflix USA to be one of the best channels that the online streaming giant has to offer. With such a broad range of TV shows, movies and documentaries there is a world of content which can keep you occupied for weeks at a time?

If you are located in a country the other side of the world it can be very difficult to access the content that you are missing out on from Netflix USA. But where there’s a will, there’s a way.

The one possible solution:

Just searching for come vedere netflix usa through your go to search engine won’t give the access you need to watch the content on Netflix USA. It may seem like an impossible task at first but there is a way of getting hold of an all access passes to the shows you want to see.

It has to be said that Netflix have been upping their game in recent years trying to stop this method from working, but there are still some firms which are managing to work their way around.

Netflix USA

Introducing vpns:

Virtual Private Networks have a great perk which can give you access to nearly any region of online content around the world. VPNs are mainly designed to add extra safety and security to your computer device while you are working online but along with their breadth of service somes their greatest entertainment benefit.

What do they do?

VPNs provide an encrypted wavelength which connects you to the Internet via a remote computer. This is done so that you cannot be tracked back to the original source of accessing the Internet.

As the wavelength is encrypted it means that only you as the user can gain entry in to the session. A 16 or 32 bit code is provided to grant you access to the connection, which also has multiple security features built in.

How does security help watch Netflix USA?

As servers are located in different countries of the world, it is more than likely that most of the international vpn service providers you are looking at have at least a couple of servers within the USA.

Now, when you log on to the Internet, third parties such streaming sites and broadcasters can see where in the world you are viewing content from. This is by them looking at your IP address. This is some coding which reveals your location. So if you are logging on to the Internet in Italy, you will have an Italian IP address.

In order to watch Netflix USA you need to have a US IP address. In order to obtain one through a vpn service, you need to connect to a vpn server which is based on US soil. Connecting to the land based server allocates you a US IP address and unlimited access to all Netflix USA.

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