Best Corporate Data Analytics platform Singapore

Best Corporate Data Analytics platform Singapore

Handshakes solutions are highly considered to be useful to internal audit and procurement audit users in identifying conflicts and tender collusion. It basically helps in identifying the conflicts of interests within a short span of time, instead of the need to go through hundreds of records, which can be both costly and time-consuming for the users.

Handshakes solutions, is a corporate data analytics platform Singapore that provides the most prominent features and services for clients. It works on integrating reliable corporate registry and capital market data into the clients’ workflow to enable a safer and more efficient onboarding. They aspire to serve the whole of Asia and are constantly working to increase awareness about their products, services, and the benefits they offer to users.

Handshakes solutions product line

It is considered the best corporate data analytics platform Singapore as it is designed to benefit its clients with different products and a variety of services. Handshakes App conducts due research and entity research easily with visualized insights. Handshakes Xpert’s team can easily work to provide you with data reports and background checks. Handshakes fuse uses public and private data to reveal new insights. Handshakes seers process large amounts of text intelligently. Lastly, ScoutAsia gets the right insights into Asia’s corporate landscape.

 How do handshakes guide the clients towards effective and efficient risk detection? 

  • Highly works on employee and vendor lists- First, the team cleans your lists by pulling missing information from official corporate registry sources and exchange filings. Their data covers regions of Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and China.
  • Run constant background checks- Experts then build a clearer picture of every one of your employees and vendors with background checks.
  • Helps to cross-validate data- The team works to cross-validate the data you have with their official sources.
  • Surface potential conflicts of interests- The different proprietary analytics tools allow them to uncover connections, several levels deep, for your planning & action.
  • Ensures to track new potential conflicts- Get notified in real-time of any new potential conflicts with our monitoring alerts.

Why trust handshakes solutions?

Handshakes solutions are recommended as they are widely trusted by regulators and corporations. Various corporations completely trust handshakes with their data and workflows. Their products and services meet the expectations of the clients. It is an accredited company and assures the product’s cores functionalities.

It is vital to make sure that you get all your needs answered instantly. Choosing the best data workflow will be a huge advantage here. So, wait no more to get your data analytics done with professionalism and quality.