Cms WordPress Based Website Development

Cms WordPress Based Website Development

A website is a number or some pages that create information from an institution or platform that is officially managed by an institution. In simple terms, a website has at least two basic components, namely the first is a computer or server that functions to store data on the website. For example images, videos, and also audio. Meanwhile, Second, a certain unique domain name that serves as the address of the website.

Very different from a blog, a website is more official and professional as well as information media for an official institution. This means that the difference between a website and a blog can be seen in their development goals. There are lots of applications that can be used to create websites. One of them is the CMS (Content Management System). This application can be used to create, publish and manage a lot of website content depending on the purpose of its creation. For example, if a village website uses a CMS to make articles or news published online. The most popular CMS today is the WordPress CMS. We can use this module as a guide or tutorial to manage or Managed WordPress Hosting using the WordPress CMS.

In this article, we will discuss Managed WordPress Hosting and also not forgetting about the Introduction to the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) which is an integral part of Managed WordPress Hosting. This WordPress cm was developed to manage a website in a way that can be said to be quite easy to learn by ordinary people or even beginners. Users can easily create articles, upload media files, manage articles, and publish them to the public.

Please note that as mentioned above, using the WordPress CMS requires two main conditions, namely: a server computer (hosting) and also a domain address. The website developer must lease a server computer from a hosting service provider company for a certain period. And also have to rent a domain address within a certain time or period. And because it is renting, usually every year the developer must renew the lease contract agreement. The WordPress CMS has two main views that anyone who will use this CMS must understand. The WordPress CMS is the main engine of a website. Meanwhile, the various components displayed on the front page are determined by the theme chosen or used. The theme was chosen determines how the information is presented, as well as how the website meets the needs of website development. And while the administrator page is used to manage the entire content of the website. To enter the administrator page we need a username and password.

In creating a website, of course, we all have a goal in developing a website based on the WordPress CMS. Before creating a website, we need to determine the main purpose of the website. Development objectives largely determine how the website is developed. And what you need to know is that using the WordPress CMS has many advantages, one of which is the speed in creating a website.

For example, a website is created for company publication media. This website was developed by an institution in a country, to publish the company via the internet network to the general public. So because of that, we need a theme or website template that can display various articles or news publications. The website focuses on displaying articles and some media files. And with this goal, developers can easily choose CMS templates that suit their website design needs, and choose to use plugins or additional tools that can help a lot in achieving website creation goals.

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