In general, technology is a scientific means or method to achieve a practical or applied science goal that has existed in society. Technology is a means to obtain goods or information needed by humans or society, for the sake of human survival. For humans, technology now, along with the development of the times, will increasingly advance and develop. This technology includes many things, for example information technology or technology in the form of hardware, computers, gadgets or smartphones, and many other things. One example is the Buy iPhone 12 smartphone.

For this time we will discuss technology in terms of information. In terms of information, technology can be said to be a means or source of knowledge that is sufficient to play an active role in the development of human life. In terms of information, technology provides us with a lot of knowledge and information that we can get from all over the world. If we want to find information about a matter, place, country, customs or culture of a region, we can get whatever it is through information technology. Today technology plays an important role in everyday life. People from various backgrounds, young or old. Almost all of them require information technology. For now, almost all people always need information about many things, including business information, food, idols or others.

The development of technology today cannot be stopped. Both from the positive side and from the negative side, all integrated freely and it remains how each person or individual in this world responds to these developments. Either they can filter out what is good and what is bad for them to implement in their life or they take all the information they seek and receive. It’s just that, if everyone accepts everything on the internet without filtering or thinking about what is good and bad, then maybe more or less everyone will lose their identity as individuals and their character because of eroded times and times.

Now, as a result of modernization products such as cellphones, television or even the internet, we can see that there is no difference in the lifestyle of urban people and rural people. Western culture that is often presented, which was only adapted and identical to urban communities, now due to technological advances has also eroded the identity or the characteristics of rural communities. The culture of helping help, the friendship that was once very close to rural communities is now slowly being eroded by these developments. Slowly eroded and maybe later it could be completely lost and replaced with individualistic culture. The innocent and polite culture that is also characteristic of rural communities is slowly fading away and being replaced by slang culture.

In essence, technological progress has a major influence on life, which is something we cannot avoid. However, we must be able to fortify ourselves and loved ones so as not to shift the identity of every individual on this earth.