Things You Always Thought Were True About Fake Identification Cards

Things You Always Thought Were True About Fake Identification Cards

They would have told you that it does not take a tech genius to get you one of these things. They might have even told you that all you need is a fake story to narrate to someone about how you got your hand on them. In fact, they would have even told you that your friendships would break if someone discovers the truth about you. Stop believing in all the lies you have been told through the popular media. Now, it’s time to break free of everything and get ahead in life.

Myth # 1 – It doesn’t take a rocket scientist

No! It does take a genius to create one of the fake IDs– someone, who is smart enough to create one that is simply indistinguishable and make it fool-proof. Sometimes, it is possible that authorities might spot it and confiscate it if it does not look even closely genuine. While getting one of these things for yourself can be extremely tempting, it might also make you wonder why you don’t even feel confident enough to talk to that person at the club that you have always wanted to meet. So, if you could find an absolute genius to prepare one of these cards for you, it could easily put you in jeopardy.

Myth # 2 – You are done with for good

When you get one of these identification cards, your life is about to take off and not end. The popular media has always shown otherwise. Be it “Supernatural,” “Teen Wolf,” or some other popular television series, you would always find that the protagonist or any other character is neither able to get away with these cards at some point of time or another nor are they seen enjoying life after they get caught. Then, they have to reveal the truth about who they are and what they do. However, that is not the case in real life. In fact, you could always continue visiting any bar of your choice instead of that bar in the vicinity that is lax about checking your identification cards.

Myth # 3 –You have just lost your clique’s trust

If you had always been seen as a nerd at college, it is time to become a rad dad! Bring out one of your fake IDs and flash it proudly. Don’t worry! You won’t lose anything – especially not your clique. At the most, you might just lose that card if you get caught but that happens only in extremely rare cases. You heard it right. In extremely rare cases only! If you don’t want that happening, you could always get duplicate cards made for yourself but rest assured that you wouldn’t really be needing those when you get one identification card that rules them all. At the most, you would become popular with your peers but that isn’t really losing something. On the contrary, you would have gained their trust newly the moment you buy them a few mugs of beer with that new identification card.