Download videos with ease on your smartphone

Download videos with ease on your smartphone

It is a well-known fact that downloading videos are a pain in the neck; be it on a PC or on a mobile. Even a fairly good android smartphone operator knows that it is hard to download a video without jumping to multiple websites in search of a single video. Now that a lot of video downloader software are available for PCs to make the video downloading experience, smartphone users may feel let down. But there is no reason for that as there is a simple and easy method to make the video downloading experience far better and easier than one could ever imagine. And it can be accomplished by downloading an android application called Vidmate. Also, it is available free of cost and hence is a must-have app for all smartphone users who wish to have a seamless downloading experience.


What is it?

It is a video downloader app that has been designed and developed to avoid the common problems associated with downloading a video or a movie, for that case, in smartphones. With a lot of videos floating around all over the internet and social media, one cannot go without finding a video too cute to not be downloaded or a video that will be entertaining as anything. But downloading it may be a difficult task without Vidmate which, although free, has a lot of sophisticated features. It acts like a search engine for videos and allows the user to search for any video over the web. Once the search request is placed, the app searches several hosting sites to produce a search result that lists multiple sites that host the same video. The user can then make a decision to download from the link that he desires the most. with these video downloading app it is more useful for me to download tutorial videos for my child who is in need of making Best Paper Airplane Ever for her school project.

Not only does the app allow the user to download videos in mp4 format but also in mp3, wmv, mov, 3GP and much more. It allows downloads from many websites including YouTube, Facebook, Daily motion, Instagram, Vine and many other international websites. Also, the app itself can be used to search from a database of over 50,000 songs that can be downloaded with a single touch. The app takes the effort to scan the memory capacity remaining in the mobile before downloading and shows the ongoing downloads in the background. More than everything, Videos do not buffer while playing which makes the app one of the best smartphone apps ever.