Ipsidy IdLok Visitor Pass Solution

Ipsidy IdLok Visitor Pass Solution

Ipsidy, previously known by the name ID Global Solutions Corporations, a security provider, identity manager, provider of biometric identification, and electronic transaction process services, has announced recently that they have stepped into an administration agreement for IdLok, which is a specially built multi-factor identity authentication suite of services.

It helps clients to verify the identity of any person as well as everyday transactions. It also facilitates a wide range of electronic transactions, covering digital or physical access, votes or payments, by implanting them with the person’s validated identity.

Ipsidy’s IdLok renders the facility off to have visitor pass authentication by the clients. Its termed as IdLok visitor pass which is multi-factor authentication and biometrics. You can have the mobile solution as well for visitor identity.

As the security concerns are increased with companies and buildings needing efficient, low-cost, and secured visitor pass access solutions for management, the Ipsidy has given the mobile visitor identity solution.


Visitor passes as digital identity passes

Ipsidy’s IdLok visitor identity pass mobile app solution renders biometric authentication of the persons from the use of resident’s and visitor’s mobile phones. The permitted building residents and users utilize the IdLok mobile app solution to securely provide a visitor IdLok pass which will be scheduled for a certain time and date. Low-cost Bluetooth beacons areemployed at some physical stages of entry to punch in biometric authentication of visitors arriving.

The arriving visitor can just click the snap of theirs which confirms their authorization. The IdLok visitor pass helps at such places where the big shows, conferences, or concerts happen. It is because it eases to check the visitor authentication and clear the crowd at checkpoints and entries of such program.

The best thing of this IdLok visitor pass is the resident or tenant need not be there guarding and checking the authentication of the visitors because this solution is very convenient that it notifies the tenant about the arrived visitors through the IdLok mobile application solution.

Concierge app for visitor management

The IdLok visitor pass includes also the concierge visitor management app which allows your management and attendants or staff to inspect the real-time display of the visitors and then see if the authenticated visitors have legitimate visiting status.

The concierge also renders guards and attendants an easy way to re-verify the visiting status of visitors whenever they want.

The IdLok visitors pass solution is the low-cost and secure biometric authentication as it is very low-cost and requires no big-budget kiosks or hardware to be setup for visitor management access system.

You can avail this service from Ipsidy by contacting it or you can also schedule a demo before buying it. To contact or learn more about this visitor pass authentication solution please visit