Laptop Troubleshooting Tips before Calling a Tech

Laptop Troubleshooting Tips before Calling a Tech

 Having a laptop can mean convenience and ease of use, but it also means that you have to be a responsible owner to know what and what not to do in case you face problems with it. You will be surprised to know that there are so many laptop issues that just have a very simple root cause. This is why before you call for help for their tech solution service, here are some simple troubleshooting that you can do yourself to try and fix the issue.

Running a Virus Scan

When you start to have problems with your laptop, the most important thing that you have to do first is to run your virus scanner. Run the most thorough scan that you have available and let it do its work. Most of the complex scans are the ones that your computer does not usually run by default. So you have to manually check the program settings and see what’s available on your virus scanning software. Antivirus scanners can miss threats or can get disabled by them. This is why you need to do them manually.

Regularly Update Your Software

When computer software is outdated and unpatched, it can easily run into some problems. This can be glitchy keyboards or outbreaks of ransomware. Fortunately, most of the updates nowadays run automatically. However, if for some reason it didn’t, then you have to run it manually.

  • Windows Update. Look for updates by simply opening the Settings and clicking the Update & Security.
  • Update on macOS. For Mac, just launch the App Store or the Application screen that you can locate in Finder. Then, switch to the Updates tab. Apply all of the pending solution service

Remove Old And Unused Programs

These might seem harmless, but the more applications mount up, the more your operating system will work harder. Your files will become more broken and they would spread out further while your computer will try to save them. This is called ‘fragmentation.’ When this happens, your free storage can get easily filled up.

Always Check Wi-Fi Connection

This is a very important troubleshooting procedure for internet-related problems. To make sure that your internet connection is working properly, you have to know where the problem comes from. Once you know what’s causing your internet issues, this is where you can start fixing it. If it is possible, plug your laptop directly into the router using an Ethernet cable. If there is still no internet connection, then there is a huge possibility that the problem is with your router hardware or with your internet service provider.

Reinstall Your OS

This can be a huge work, but reinstalling the Windows or macOS is one of the most effective solutions for your laptop issues. This will remove any programs that cause the problem. It will also erase any viruses and other types of malware. Other than that, reinstalling the operating system will also reset your internet connection settings.

Calling a tech every time you have a problem with your laptop might seem like an easy route, but remember that every service has a cost. All of these troubleshooting steps will also be tried by the technician before moving into more complicated steps. So why not try it yourself? You might solve the issue without the help of a technician.Alternatively, you can consider getting a long lasting laptop such as a gaming laptop that will last you much longer.