Why Technical Support is Very Important to User Experience

Why Technical Support is Very Important to User Experience

When your clients run into problems with your services or your product, they can always contact the support team. But, not just your regular, off-the-mill technical assistance. For any Information Technology-related problems, customers will always contact technical support. Whether the issue is a user error, a technical or bug problems, it does not matter to the customers.

They are paying money for your products or services; all they want to do is to get the problem solved so they can move on and continue with their task at hand. If the client cannot log in to their account, they will call tech assistance. If a module or feature is not working correctly as they should, they will contact your technical team.

That is why any questions that are related to the product like how to operate and configure them or how the system works needs to be answered by an expert on this field to make sure your consumers can get the best value out of your services or products.

If you do not have a working tech support team to answer these inquiries, clients will eventually forget your product or services or will stop using them. This issue will ultimately lead to a higher churn rate. Let us put it this way; if you run a product or service-based company, the tech assistanceis very important to the overall success of your organization.

 Technical Support

But everything is not smooth sailing; there will always be challenges with the technical team. And it will be costly; in fact, it is a hundred times more expensive than doing it in-house. Every time you fail to come up with a solution to a technical support question, you are potentially wasting a lot of company resources like money, time, energy and workforce. The worst part is, you will be at risk of losing all your customers.

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This issue becomes a lot more vital if you are running a subscription-based business where a customer can freely subscribe to a lot of user licenses, hundreds if not thousands of licenses. Failing to come up with a good experience can be very costly, not only to the customers but especially for your company. That is why it is imperative to provide high-quality technical assistance.

To help you or your team, we have created a guide for the tech team. In this article, we will discuss what technical assistanceis all about, why you need to care about it or how it works. Not only that, we will take a closer look at some tips and hints to help your company improve on the quality of the support you are providing for your customers. So, let us start with the basics.

What is technical support?

Tech assistanceis a form of communication with the customers that most products-centric organizations use to help the end-users get their money’s worth out of their service or products. Usually, it is done through phone calls, emails, live chat or knowledge bases.

It aims to solve any technical issues like installation problems, errors with the logins and other technology-based difficulties that can have negative implications on the user experience. But is it not just another word for customer service or assistance? Well, the answer is no, and here is the reason why.

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 The difference between customer service and tech support

When people think of the word tech assistance, it is very easy to imagine people accepting calls in call centers, dealing with irate customers who want to release their frustrations over delivery and payment problems. These kinds of issues will be managed by the customer service assistance, and not the tech assistancestaff.

Do you know the difference between the two? It’s in the type of issues that are being handled. Technical assistants are responsible for managing installation problems, end-user issues and other tech-related issues that prevent the clients from using your services and products.


In essence, they focus on helping the clients to use the brand more effectively. According to the Chief Marketing Officer Council, providing excellent advice or assistance to clients is one-way organizations can improve the product ownership experience for their end-user. How can organizations improve their brand experience?

By focusing their resources in helping better tech advice and support to their clients, they will help the end-users use their services and products the right way. Another difference between the two is the number of service support levels. Customer service support has fewer levels.

 Technical Support

The first line of defense is through the customer assistancestaff; the second level is through the customer service manager. When it comes to technical assistance, there are five levels. Depending on the end user’s needs, it can be handled by a simple phone call, email, knowledge bases or chat support.

When it comes to being available on different platforms, a well-structured technical assistancesystem will be split into five different levels. These levels include self-service, pre-support, first- and second-lineassistancein urgent cases and the third line backing system.

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Technical assistanceis an essential element of the company’s overall end-user experience for all the product and service-based companies or businesses. Its difference from customer service is how it deals directly with all the tech problems around the services and the products instead of account and transaction-based questions or queries.

With clients becoming more and more technology-savvy, you must get the right support for your company. The customers will no longer contact your company to ask simple questions; they are too smart for that. Instead, your clients will most likely present complicated issues to your support team, so they must be prepared to face and handle them.

The best thing you need to do is to retain more clients or customers for a more extended period, to concentrate on developing or improving your organization’s support staff. Choose the right tools for the task and start making your technical aid your business’ priority.