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The Belfast Web Design Agency: Shares New Website Design for 2019

The Belfast Web Design Agency: Shares New Website Design for 2019

Every company or organization must have an official website, where the viewers can read important notices and information, regarding the products and services offered. Is it really important to have a page for these? Well, you should know that everybody is now dependent on various write-ups online. Reading materials like newspapers, magazines, pamphlets and booklets are still used. However, more people are active when it comes to engagements and transactions done over the Internet. Therefore, you have to make sure that your site is specifically designed for their satisfaction.

Now, if you have a business and would like to have an official website, then what you need to do first, is to hire web designers from various reliable companies just like the Belfast web design agency. After deciding to deal with their experts, it would be great to take a look at their latest designs. Pretty sure that they have existing designs and themes for you to choose from. I supposed, you want this page done in soonest time, right? So, I have here a few of the newest creations that an ideal IT expert can do for your webpage.

Black and White Colors

For your information, the palette is a very important component or element used in designing sites. Through this, you will be able to cultivate the mood of your viewers. It can also unify brands. Most of all, it creates visual milestones because it is, indeed, the interface you have to deal with. Without this element, a webpage would look different.

But do you know that a black and a white color is a perfect combination,even if the amount of the palette is minimal? It’s because it shows a striking appearance. White implies cleanliness and purity, while black means strength and confidence. With this match, you can easily catch one’s attention.

Organic shapes and lines

Do you know that experts are now turning to the use of natural shapes as well as lines to the pages that they are working on? It’s because when geometric figures, such as rectangles, squares and triangles are used, it means that there is stability. Actually, this is good, but others are looking for a comfortable and accessible page.

So, instead of only using natural geometric figures, the experts have learned to use an organic one. These are imperfect in nature, but asymmetrical as well. Through this, there would be illusions formed. Therefore, it is good in providing elements that will make your site stand out.

Glitch Art

You should know that glitches, in it its own way, are significant elements created because of one’s persistentgraphical skills. Through this kind of Art, a viewer will be able to feel some sort of disorientation and that is through a psychedelic effect. Anyway, go to this glitch art related site for a few examples.

Looking at a distorted, twisted, rotated or crinkled moving images on your page,will allow the visitors to make a pause. This means that you were able to catch their attention. Since, the interest is already there, a guest will continue browsing the content and looking for more important details.


Sometimes, it would be great to surprise your audience and this is done through micro-interaction events. Giving such actions is a way to create virtual invitations. It happens when an audience clicked a button or icon and a response will be made.

The interaction is so simple, yet effective. It’s like after hovering the pointer to an image, the graphic constantly changes. Sometimes, more details about a particular product or services may be displayed, too. Actually, this is a form of an eye-catching short entertainment and you just need to turn it informative and interesting.


Since this company page aims to earn viewers, it would be great, if it is designed with a chatbot. This is an AI-based system that an IT expert has to embed into the site. Anyway, visit https://www.ecommerce-nation.com/chatbots-advantages-and-disadvantages-of-these-tools/ for further reading on chatbots.

Through this feature, your client’s queries will be answered immediately. The user may be chatting to a machine, but he will receive an intelligent and smart response. Of course, that will make the guests satisfied. When this happens, they will start generating traffic to your website.