What is the Crawl Budget and How to Optimize it to Improve your Web Ranking?

Today we are going to talk about one of the most popular SEO factors today to position a website on Google. Consult “Best SEO Companies in Dubai” if you want to position your website on google or visit “SEO Company in Dubai” if you want to learn about it accurately.

This concept has increased its notoriety, mainly due to the low-quality infoxication currently available on the net. You can join “SEO Forums” to keep yourself updated about current popular SEO factors.

Every day thousands and thousands of pages and content are uploaded to the web. For this reason, it is increasingly difficult for Google to track to classify all this content properly.

For this reason, the famous search engine has chosen the Crawl Budget, among many other SEO factors, to differentiate which websites offer quality content and which do not.

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As we will see below, the tracking budget will be entirely related to the optimization of our website load (WPO), so surely, there will be times when both areas converge simultaneously.

What is the Crawl Budget?

The Crawl Budget is the tracking budget that Google assigns to our website.

That is, it is the time that Googlebot will crawl our website based on our popularity and its SEO optimization.

This tracking budget is assigned by Google internally based on a series of parameters such as:

  • Our position in searches
  • The frequency with which we publish our content
  • The number of visits

However, this tracking time does not depend on us but on Google.

Therefore, the only thing we can do when the search engine crawls most of our website and holds us in high esteem is to make things easier for you so that you get the most information in the shortest time possible.

From this process the importance of the WPO in the Crawl Budget will come as we will see next.

What is the Relationship Between the Crawl Budget and the WPO?

 The tracking budget that Google assigns to our site is limited, therefore we must facilitate this task to the MAXIMUM.

Imagine that the tracking budget that Google assigns to your website is 10,000ms and each page of your website takes 1,000ms to load since it is not optimized.

How Many Pages it Will Have Crawled?

Simple, 10,000/1,000 = 10 pages

Can you imagine how many pages it would have crawled if instead of taking 1,000ms per page it took 200ms?

Right, I would have crawled 50 pages!

Do you See How Important it is?

Logically this data is not real, it is only a simulation, but the really important thing about this is, you should understand that the higher the WPO, the more information Google will receive.

Logically, if your website is a small site or a personal blog, this factor will not be as relevant as on a website of a certain caliber.

Therefore, if your website is a portal of a certain size, you will have to optimize the WPO of your website as much as possible .

How Can I Know If My Website is Optimized for Googlebot?

There are several tools to know the loading speed of our website and, therefore, your load optimization (WPO).

Google itself offers you the possibility of knowing your optimization errors through its Page Speed ​​Insight tool.

However, this SEO tool (very general) ends up falling short in terms of analytical data.

Therefore, to analyze the loading speed of a site I always recommend the Pingdom Website Speed ​​Test tool.

Thanks to this tool you will know how long it takes to load each file on your web page from different servers, thus obtaining the most important data from this tool, the “Load Time” or time in seconds that it takes to load the URL completely.

Finally, Google, through its Search Console tool, allows us to know the tracking statistics of its bots on our website.

To do this, simply access your Search Console Panel and in the menu on the left click on “Tracking” and, later, on “Tracking statistics”.

  • Crawled Pages: The higher this number the better it will mean better optimization of the Crawl Budget.
  • Kylobytes Downloaded Per Day: The greater the number of kilobytes downloaded, the more information Google will collect (as long as we optimize WPO well).
  • Download Time of a Page: It is the time that Google takes to load a specific page, the important thing is to reduce this metric to the maximum.

8 Tricks to Improve the Crawl Budget of your Website

Having seen what the tracking budget is and how you can improve it, it is time for you to get down to work and help, as much as possible, our great friend Google.

For this, we are going to see 8 simple tricks that will help you to improve your tracking budget.

Let’s go with it!

Use the Freshness Effect to your Advantage

The freshness is a concept based on SEO content updating continuously.

Google, upon detecting that said website updates its content on a regular basis, increases its tracking budget, since it understands that it is a live and useful website.

For this reason, many websites use tools that update the content of all their URLs automatically.

With this practice, webmasters manage to update all their content automatically with a simple post giving signs of freshness to Google.

Improve Web Architecture and Web Depth

There are numerous studies that affirm that 3 is the maximum number of clicks that a user should make within a site to get the exact information they need.

If this number is exceeded, the reader will most likely choose to leave the web for various reasons such as boredom, slow loading or complexity.

Therefore, applying this 3-click technique is essential when structuring your website and creating its categories.

Due to this fact, you must take into account the depth of your website.

That is, the number of levels or folders that the user will access to reach a specific page or URL.

The closer a post or HOME page is to your site, the better, since it will receive greater authority and will be more likely to be tracked by Google.

Opt for Long or Infinite Pages

As you have seen previously, the number of clicks and the depth of your website matters a lot.

For this reason, the pages are not more than an “obstacle” both for Google Spider (which have to follow a greater number of links), and for users who have to increase the number of clicks to get to the information.

As a consequence of this and the mobile first every day there are more blogs and e-commerce that opt ​​for infinite scroll or pages of many entries (20 or more).

Completely Eliminate Binding Errors

Take care of every link that exists on your website.

That is, be careful when modifying or deleting your URLs and make sure that in case of modifying them you do the 3XX redirects correctly.

So continually check with Search Console the number of broken links to avoid this little bug as it can lead to serious SEO error in case the number of broken links is important.

Create an HTML Sitemap That Helps Google

You can create an HTML Sitemap that helps Google to track the most important URLs on your web page.

To do this, you can choose to install a wordpress plugin like WP Sitemap Page which will perform this task automatically or do it yourself using HTML.

The key to this type of map is that it helps Google to have a kind of “index” with the most important links on our website.

In order for Google to track this map as soon as possible, it is important that the link to this page can be found on as many pages as possible within the site.

For this reason, many webmasters choose to put it in all the footers of their website.

Do Not Follow Little Relevant Pages within your Site

It is very common to lose tracking budget with little relevant pages in the eyes of Google and the user.

For this reason, I always recommend the following: every time you create a page of the type legal notice, cookie policies etc, it uses the meta “no follow, no index”.

This will make Googlebot ignore these specific pages and spend time on other more important pages.

It is also very common for the legal notice, the cookie policy etc to be found in the footer and, therefore, on all the pages of the portal.

For this reason, I always recommend tagging these links with the rel = ”nofollow” attribute, since with this technique you will make Google not waste time following these unimportant links.

Seven Tips To Help You Choose The Right Blog Hosting

Choosing the right host for a blog is much more important than what many think. Although a really good CMS like WordPress will not consume a lot of server resources, as the blog grows, the right infrastructure needs to be present. Choosing a bad blog hosting provider will lead to slow loading times, incompatibility with different plugins or themes and ultimately, lost traffic and income.

In order to choose the best possible blog hosting, there are some things that have to be considered. Never agree to a deal before you analyze the following aspects.

Check The Downtime Stats

Reputable hosting providers guarantee a really high server uptime. Never work with a provider that does not offer at least 99% uptime since this means that your blog might be down when you need it the most. Downtime stats have to be transparent and need to be included in the contract that you sign. High uptime stats show that the technical staff taking care of blog hosting is quick to react when problems appear.

Read The Scope Of Service

Some hosting providers will lure clients with many different deals that look great. However, when reading the Scope of Service agreement, problems become visible. For instance, in some cases you are offered a free domain name. Always read the terms of service to know exactly what is actually guaranteed and what is not.

Determine If It Comes With Free Set-Up

When you choose blog hosting, one of the best features to have is free set-up. This means your site will be online really fast and you can focus on the content as opposed to the technical side of setting up everything.

There are numerous problems that can become visible as you analyze how set-up is handled. For instance, in some cases you are responsible for setting up the MySQL database, connect it with WordPress and more. If you want assistance, you need to pay extra. Since most blog owners are just interested in the blog, not how it is built, having free set-up is a huge advantage.

Be Wary Of Traffic Limitations

Traffic limitations need to be considered whenever your blog is expected to grow or if you already have a lot of traffic and you want to transfer to a new provider. Traffic limitations can be quite problematic since in some cases, when you go over the traffic limit shown, you are asked to pay more. The amounts you pay are normally much higher than expected. Fortunately, this practice is not as common as it used to be. However, this does not mean you cannot have problems as the blog grows.

The best blog hosting providers will have some sort of traffic limitation in place but it will be really high. For instance, the basic plan could handle traffic up to 25,000 unique monthly visitors. When the traffic limit is passed, you want to see the possibility of quickly upgrading your host to a new plan, without having to pay a lot for it, of course.

Determine Your Budget

Speaking about payments, blog hosting is nowadays more affordable than it ever was. Even so, there are still so many hosting providers that charge a lot more than what would be fair. The trick is always to get as much quality as possible for the money you pay. At the same time, you need to determine the budget you have. Based on how much money you can spend on blog hosting, choose providers that offer features you actually need and that can accommodate how much traffic is expected.

Upgrading Options

Every blog owner is interested in growing traffic. As traffic grows, the current hosting package might become obsolete. This is where upgrading steps in. Reliable hosting providers give access to one-click upgrades, allowing you to choose a new package that is more suitable for the current needs of the blog. Also, the more upgrading options are available, the easier it is to make a great choice. Will you want to move to a dedicated server or to VPS server after initially choosing shared hosting? This is just an example of an alternative that should be present.

Customer Service

Many consider this to be the most important thing to consider when choosing blog hosting because problems can always appear. You should never get a package from a hosting provider that does not have 24/7 live customer support available for clients.

As an extra related tip, read reviews written by real customers about the customer service experience that they had. This can instantly show how problems were solved and what quality to expect from the customer support department.

Final Thoughts

When you consider these seven tips to choose the very best blog hosting for your business it will be so much easier to make a good choice. Never hurry and do not believe everything that is said. The more you research information about the provider and its blog hosting, the easier it is to make a good choice! Generally, the more reliable the provider is and the higher its reputation, the better the blog hosting packages offered.

The most effective method to Choose the Best SEO Agency for You

These days each business is going on the web. Organizations are utilizing the internet as a medium to connect with individuals in a savvy way. Yet, it isn’t sufficient for an organization to manufacture a site and sit at home quiet as to rank in the web search tools they should take the assistance of SEO Company. Be that as it may, the procedure for picking a privileged SEO organization is a precarious one. It would help if you were mindful to choose the best SEO Agency for your business to give it a rocket speed of development and rank higher.

All in all, here comes the inquiry: how would you recognize an ideal choice for your organization? Here are a few hints. 

Distinguish your necessities:

The objectives of a computerized showcasing plan can fluctuate from business to business. Your goal could be to spread mindfulness about your item or administration, increment traffic to your site, improve your notoriety and brand picture, or increment changes. To begin with, comprehend the reason for computerized promotion.

Select some SEO organizations:

Examine the web and quest for the best SEO organization in your close-by place and select some of them. On the off chance that you wish, you can internet the surveys of their past customers and know their perspectives about that organization.

Proceed to discuss with them or at any rate, get in touch with them:

Discuss with the computerized advertising experts of the chosen organizations. It could be a skype call or a telephonic discussion or, if conceivable, proceed to have an eye to eye discussion. Check whether he has set aside the effort to comprehend your business. Does he have good thoughts? It is safe to say that he is mindful of procedures that have worked for different organizations, and would he say he is ready to join them into your business?

Allow yourself to know their abilities:

Advanced showcasing organizations must have skills in different online networking stages like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and numerous others. They should be knowledgeable in content advertising, email, visual structure, SEO, and innovative narrating. It’s critical to make sense of a procedure that works for your business and recruit an SEO organization that is skilled in executing this system.

At the point when You, at last, select the one then what will be your job:

When you fix your brain to have your chosen organization’s SEO, your job won’t end there as an entrepreneur. You should go there and stop for a moment to talk with them sometimes and request the movement they made on your undertaking, and you should impart your insight about the change.


Recruiting an advanced promoting organization for your business can be one of the most important choices for an independent company. Try not to trifle with it. They can represent the moment of truth in your business. Along these lines, remember all the above-discussed focuses while picking an ideal SEO company NYC for your business and appreciate the much-wanted achievement you need in the wake of going through a ton of cash with the digital marketing agency.

Explain different kinds of email marketing

Email marketing exists in between us for a good reason. It helps the business in many ways. There are several email marketing agency works for the growing purpose of leads. They do their work effectively by connecting through your targets, promoting them, and turn them into consumers. It is getting continuous success in whole marketing channels. Email marketing is the most impressive digital marketing policy of sending emails to viewers and consumers. Its impressive marketing strategy turns viewers into customers and one-time consumers into a regular buyer. It helps in enhancing the loyalty of customers towards the product. The importance of email marketing means for each business. If we know about its importance for or business, everybody will use it for promoting their products. Some of their importance’s are:

  1. In today’s era, every customer has their email id and they checked it on a daily basis. This is because of the availability of the internet on the phone. In this way, the emails that are sent by the companies for promoting their product are checked by all the viewers and consumers.
  2. Digital marketing is done completely on your own. You are able to deactivate or activate your account without any notice or reason. You can make your list whoever can’t lead.
  3. People who purchase anything from email, spend more in comparison to those customers who don’t take offers from email.

email marketing agency

The different kinds of email marketing are there that work differently for different purposes. Broadly it is divided into two groups:

  • One is Engagement emails
  • And Transaction emails

The reason behind generating the engagement emails is to keep maintaining the interest in the product in both the customers and viewers even if they are not in the mood to buy. These types of emails involve the product story and its branding. Engagement emails include many different types of emails.

  • Welcome emails: These kinds of mail sent to the user after subscribing and confirmation of their email address. This is the primary email sent to the customer.
  • Instructive emails: These emails are created with the purpose to help subscribers in knowing about your business. The explanation about the product and services are including in it.
  • Customer’s story: These kinds of mail are generated for regular customers whose data are available in the company. They create data after interviewing or studying about customers.
  • Brand’s story: An explanation about the brand is included in these kinds of emails.

Transactional emails are created to inform the subscribers about their transactions and other operations. They include Cart abandonment, promotional, receipt, and follow-ups mails. They are used to update the customer regularly. They are sent automatically to the customer’s mobile.

How To Find The Best SEO Companies Miami For Your Business?

With the introduction of the internet, business people have to look after different elements. The elements such as the right e-commerce platform or an agent who can help in establishing the online business can make the process easier for the business owner. With the help of the internet, SEO companies Miami can be found very easily according to the expectation and requirements of the business. They have the tools compatible with the technology which makes their work easy and convenient for their clients.

How does it work?

The process of search engine optimization involves changing the website of their client most effectively so that the traffic improves on their website. When you associate with a company where SEO services are provided, you are involving them in your online platform. The businesses associated with goods sold online, the business owner has to make sure that their website is completely easy to use and user-friendly for the benefits of the user. There are several SEO companies that has become very popular among the business and made their online business popular. The process also affects the user-interface which makes a particular website to be used easily without adding complicated features. The website is made unique and extraordinary using the techniques so that the users find the required results.

Miami seo

Why is SEO important for your business?

By attracting more customers on your website is the only way to grow your business and become more popular among the business industry. With the help of SEO, the business owner can improve the number of clients on your website which will directly increase the traffic. The companies are trained in using high-quality ways to invite more clients to meet the expectation of their clients. As different companies are running to get the top position in the business industry, SEO in Miami has played an important role in meeting their expectation with their dreams using the resources. Instead of hiring expensive marketing or advertising agents, you can easily improve your business with SEO without breaking the finances of your company.

Features that you should look before choosing an e-commerce platform based on SEO

As different companies are providing the service of SEO for the businesses, they have to keep their mind clear before choosing a company for their growth. The first thing that should be checked is the ability to use high-quality tools that will make the process quick and easy to implement. The tools can help in controlling the page and inviting more users on the website so that they can understand the page and use it for shopping. It is very easy to find a company that provides Miami SEO for your business so that you get a reputation on the online platform too.

The process of SEO is not only beneficial for online businesses but the local shops can also benefit from them. With SEO, they can get their name marked different from others which will highlight their business and make them popular.

How to watch Netflix USA when you’re the other side of the world

Up for deliberation, it has to be said that many Netflix subscribers consider Netflix USA to be one of the best channels that the online streaming giant has to offer. With such a broad range of TV shows, movies and documentaries there is a world of content which can keep you occupied for weeks at a time?

If you are located in a country the other side of the world it can be very difficult to access the content that you are missing out on from Netflix USA. But where there’s a will, there’s a way.

The one possible solution:

Just searching for come vedere netflix usa through your go to search engine won’t give the access you need to watch the content on Netflix USA. It may seem like an impossible task at first but there is a way of getting hold of an all access passes to the shows you want to see.

It has to be said that Netflix have been upping their game in recent years trying to stop this method from working, but there are still some firms which are managing to work their way around.

Netflix USA

Introducing vpns:

Virtual Private Networks have a great perk which can give you access to nearly any region of online content around the world. VPNs are mainly designed to add extra safety and security to your computer device while you are working online but along with their breadth of service somes their greatest entertainment benefit.

What do they do?

VPNs provide an encrypted wavelength which connects you to the Internet via a remote computer. This is done so that you cannot be tracked back to the original source of accessing the Internet.

As the wavelength is encrypted it means that only you as the user can gain entry in to the session. A 16 or 32 bit code is provided to grant you access to the connection, which also has multiple security features built in.

How does security help watch Netflix USA?

As servers are located in different countries of the world, it is more than likely that most of the international vpn service providers you are looking at have at least a couple of servers within the USA.

Now, when you log on to the Internet, third parties such streaming sites and broadcasters can see where in the world you are viewing content from. This is by them looking at your IP address. This is some coding which reveals your location. So if you are logging on to the Internet in Italy, you will have an Italian IP address.

In order to watch Netflix USA you need to have a US IP address. In order to obtain one through a vpn service, you need to connect to a vpn server which is based on US soil. Connecting to the land based server allocates you a US IP address and unlimited access to all Netflix USA.