How micro-coil windings are revolutionizing the medical industry?

How micro-coil windings are revolutionizing the medical industry?

Coils form an essential part of the medical devices. The manufacturing of the coil is from the isolated wires. They are made of individual wires that are wound around a core, which are removed after winding of the coil. This article deals in detail about the winding of the coil around the core.

In this article, we shall also discuss the applications of the coil windings in the miniature applications. The applications of the coil windings are the highest in the medical domain. We shall discuss the importance of credible coil winding services as it has sensitive applications.

How important is coil winding for the medical field?

 Coil winding uses the threads of coils of the size of few microns. The thickness of the coils is lesser than that of the hair. Using the coils, devices are being made which are used in the sensitive processes. Processes including catheterization, have a greater implication of the coil winding process.

Application of micro-coil windings

The main hurdle faced during the manufacture of micro coils is the thickness of the wire. Since the wires are thinner than the size of the hair, specialized machinery is used for manufacturing. Proper care must be taken to prevent the breaking of the wire since they are brittle in nature. Though copper is the most widely used metal to manufacture such coils, other elements also find an application.

The problem of connecting micro-coils

Micro coil windings have a wide application in the domain of medical appliances. The coils can be made using other elements like aluminium and gold. Yet, copper due to its excellent conductivity and economic benefits. Hence, copper is preferred for micro-coil windings over other elements.

Another major problem with the thinner coils is the connections, that don’t take place easily. Once you decide to connect the micro-coils with each other, due to the reduced thickness, they don’t get connected easily. Soldering or micro-soldering is often performed but it leads to major loss of important properties of the coil.

To ensure efficiency thermal pressure bonding technology is used as an alternative. With this method, the molecular connections are built that provide excellent connectivity which is free from any strain and corrosion. It increases the efficiency of the connections of the coil and improves the performance.

Application of micro-coil windings

Be it the sensors or the navigation within the body, the micro-coil windings find wide application. They find useful applications in the treatments based on radiations and pulsar treatments. The medical devices that are manufactured using the windings have to be tested before being used. The quality check becomes an important parameter as they are being inserted within the body of the patient. Some of the medical applications also include the wireless charging batteries within the body, implant charging and discharging and data logging for biological activities.

The micro-coils are made with the help of complex machinery and need high investment. Be it the grade of the material or the quality of the devices, selecting a reputed coil winding services to ensure the credibility of the medical appliances produced.