Learn advance development in welding techniques

Learn advance development in welding techniques

Any technology is continuously evolving and welding is not an exception to it. Welding has improved manifold in the last few decades. Technology has evolved from MIG to smaw welding to solid state process welding, and many more and many different ways of accomplishing easy, precise and proper welding. They all differ in ways the welding machine works as well as in cost and ease. This blog article will tell you about the latest welding techniques and help you learn more about these advanced techniques. 

Laser welding

Most people are surprised when they get to know that lasers weld too, as lasers are often used to cut metal with the heated beams of light. When the heat energy of these lasers is concentrated onto a definite, often small patch, laser welding occurs. This is used at high speeds and is especially great for a narrow welding area.


Friction welding

Friction, as a concept has existed in practice in welding for many decades. This method heats the two parts intensely and when brought together with great force, they get welded together. This latest technique of welding can help join two different metals, for example, copper and silver.

Explosive welding

Similar to the above mentioned welding technique, explosive welding is a process that occurs due to extreme force. In other words, it is a solid state process of welding that uses chemical explosives in small quantities to weld two metals together. Among its many applications is welding cladding sheets.

Magnetic arc welding

The traditional way of metal inert gas welding or MIG welding has been replaced by an advancement that results in better precision as well as improved rate of travel. This advancement is magnetic arc welding. Although it is more expensive than older welding machines, all the work done with this latest welding technique leaves a consistent and a neat finish.

Ultrasonic welding
This welding technique has a wide range of applications for plastic as opposed to metal. This, like the name suggests, is used with the help of extremely high frequency sound. How? This ultrasonic sound heats up the materials to fuse them well together.

Electron beam welding

The last and latest welding technology we want to talk about is electron beam welding. This is done by letting high energy electrons flow and fire in the material, which causes them to create heat. This is how this welding machine performs. However, the optimum and the most effective way is to do it in a vacuum.

While it produces extremely precise and high quality and high standard welds, it is very expensive.

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