Why Do In House Convention Center Internet Options Suck?

Why Do In House Convention Center Internet Options Suck?

Most of the problems that plagued convention center internet many years ago continue to exist to this day and age even after the technology has become a necessity instead of a mere luxury.

Sluggish speeds of internet, a network that gets cut out all of a sudden, and odd spots inside the center that seems to get enough service provided that you hold your device at a certain angle. These are just some of the many issues that almost all convention attendees have faced at least one point in their lives, especially at large events, all of them trying to use the provided internet options to no avail.

In fact, offering quality internet is among the biggest challenges that meeting planners often deal with. More than half of them report ongoing problems with it as revealed by reports. Much of the concern is because of how WiFi works and in spite of changes made; internet service at conventions will probably never be perfect at all.

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Having said this, a lot of planners don’t really pay attention to internet access, even though it may sound odd in today’s modern era of smartphones. Most of them even have limited awareness on what they should look for when organizing quality internet.

This may also be the reason why in-house convention center internet options are far from being good. Aside from their sluggish speed, these are sometimes too expensive for their offered speed. What they don’t understand is that it only makes participants more frustrated.

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Internet is quite complex and sometimes even an esoteric subject to understand for many people these days despite its extensive use all over the world. The number one mistake a lot of planners make is to assume that internet is just internet and that the network meant for a few people will be able to accommodate a crowd composed of thousands of people, especially if these thousands all use the internet heavily. Thus, event planners should consider internet as another amenity that they should pay attention to.