Reasons Why You Should Use SMS Marketing in Brand Campaigns

Reasons Why You Should Use SMS Marketing in Brand Campaigns

You may have received short messages in the form of SMS from certain products or brands. Usually, the content of the SMS is in the form of important information, promotions and discounts, or thanks and so on.

SMS like that you do not need to reply. However, indirectly the short message will be read by mobile device users. Especially if the content is about attractive promos and discounts, it’s not impossible that you will be tempted and take advantage of it. Also, using SMS messages is pretty much impossible to ignore. Of course this is a good opportunity for those of you who want to do brand promotions or campaigns.

However, SMS Masking is not only limited to sending messages containing promotional content. SMS Masking can also be in the form of brand campaigns, congratulations, thanks, invitations, or other short messages that are informative.

Then, what is the importance of a business brand must use SMS Masking?

Fast and Instant

One click, you can send messages quickly to the target audience of the brand campaign. In addition, the SMS Masking broadcast process does not require a long time. Even more interesting, you can set the delivery time so that the timing is right so that the audience can read it immediately.

Can be trusted

Sending SMS with a clear sender’s name, of course, will be easily accounted for and trusted by the audience. So there will be no assumption if the message is a modus or fraud.

Right on target

Usually, the target recipient of the message will be filtered first according to the product segment that will be campaigned. So that the SMS is right on target and is personal.

Very effective

Its reach can reach up to millions of people, of course it will be very effective for promotion or campaign of a brand.

SMS you can send to customers

Easy to use by various groups

The SMS feature can be said to be used by almost all groups, and it is easy to use without using the internet or supporting applications. Of course this will make it easier for you to reach all age targets.

In addition to using a mobile device, SMS can also be sent via the internet. However, messages sent via SMS can only accommodate 160 characters. However, SMS can support a variety of foreign languages ​​such as Japanese, Arabic, Korean and Chinese.

Not only used as a personal communication medium, SMS is also often used as a promotional medium by companies to reach a wider range of customers. Although considered old-fashioned, in fact the promotion model through SMS Broadcast is still often found.

This is of course quite interesting, about what are the benefits of SMS Broadcast in today’s business world. Here’s the review:


In general, almost everyone has a mobile device with various types and models. However, the SMS feature will always be on each of these mobiles.

Short and Clear

With limited characters in SMS, it becomes a distinct advantage for promotional media. You can use short and clear language so that it is easy for customers or potential customers to remember.

More effective

Using this promotion via SMS can be said to be more effective because the message will be received immediately.

Not only that, there are many other benefits of SMS Broadcast to develop your business and you. Then, how to use it?

Currently, there are many SMS Broadcast service providers that SMS you can send to customers. This is certainly one of the advantages for those of you who want to do promotions in a more effective way.