Don’t Forget to Add Coupons for Events

Don’t Forget to Add Coupons for Events

Big public events are a lot of fun, and they are back in style again. They can pull together many people who might not otherwise have been able to meet one another. However, these events are even better when one has coupons that can be applied at the event to reward oneself for having gone in the first place. When that is the case, the event becomes more affordable. That is likely to make it better attended, and that is what all event organizers want to see.

Offering Coupons in an App

An event app is the way to go when setting up large-scale events for the community. Not only can you use this to give people information and reminders about the event itself, but you can offer them some coupons that they may use while they are there.

There are some people who will attend an event simply because they get a good deal on it because of a coupon. They may not have bothered to attend it at all if it weren’t for the coupon that they received, but when that becomes a factor, they no longer have any reason not to go and check out this event. Thus, you should try to make that a prominent feature in the app.

Don't Forget to Add Coupons for Events

Create Valuable Content

It cannot be stressed enough that excellent content about an event is what helps sell people on the idea of going at all. If they see materials about the event that appeal to them, they are more likely to show up. They need answers to all of their major questions about it before they would ever be ready to lay down their money to attend it. This means that they need to know a few of the following elements:

  • Where it is going to be
  • When it is going to be
  • The rough estimate of the crowd size
  • If there will be food available
  • If there are any restrictions they need to know about (such as no pets or no alcohol)
  • If they need to do anything in advance to prepare themselves for the event

These are the types of things that can all be detailed in a publication about the event itself. Those who are in charge of designing the informational fliers related to the event should try their best to make sure those elements are included. Of course, much of this information can and should be included on the event app that is being used to promote this occasion in the first place.

Lean in on the App

One more thing that all event organizers should do now is try to lean in on the app. This is to say that they ought to filter as many of their communications about the event through the app as they possibly can. They need to focus on getting people away from expecting to receive information in any other format. It is all coming through the app, and that is exactly how it should be. People don’t need to be spoon fed information through any other medium, and organizers don’t have to go through that. They can just get people trained to use the app to receive all of the detailed information that they truly need about the event.

The only way that the public will start to turn to apps first when they need information about an event is if the event organizers continue to push them to do exactly that. Thus, it is important to push and push on the app until the public starts to respond in the ways that you want them to.