How the Best Email to SMS Gateway Service Can Benefit Your Business

How the Best Email to SMS Gateway Service Can Benefit Your Business

SMS marketing is surprisingly the most effective and affordable marketing strategy today. Email marketing is efficient and reliable but doesn’t convey the message well and to each of the targeted audiences. Of course, the largest population in the world has mobile phones but not all are smartphones. So, not everyone with a mobile phone can receive and read emails. That’s the core reason for combining SMS and email marketing is proven to be the smartest and most effective ways to convey your message to the target audience. For those using email and SMS marketing, choosing the right Email to SMS gateway can benefit you in many ways. Learn the core benefits of the right email to SMS service provider.

Easy Email Conversion

Sending SMSes right from your email is fun and interesting. It’s also time-saving since you can easily convert the emails into messages. When you have the right SMS gateway service for doing that job, you can save lots of time and money otherwise used creating the emails and messages individually. Converting the emails to SMSes with such a gateway provider will be a breeze and you won’t have to worry about errors and mistakes that can cost your business.

Keeps A Record of Senders

The right email to SMS service provider will offer a safe and streamlined pathway for you to easily reach out to your colleagues and customers by sending emails from a phone, computer, or tablet. The gateways include email to SMS conversion applications that let you easily communicate with your customers and staff right from your smartphone, computer or tablet. The best thing about top email to SMS conversion gateways is that they also keep a record of all those you send messages to.

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Works With All Email Clients

Top email to Sms gateways cannot connect with almost all kinds of email clients. They can be connected to Microsoft Live Mail, Yandex, Yahoo, Gmail, GMX, Outlook online, Bigpond, and Besides, the gateways are designed such that you can send and receive your emails and SMSes to your tablet, desktops, and smartphones.

Easy Conversion to and From SMSes and Emails

The best platforms also make it easier for you to send and receive SMSes and emails. They allow for easy email-to-SMS conversion and vice versa.  The platforms make it possible for you to set how you want to receive the messages from clients. You can choose to be receiving the messages as SMS or emails regardless of how they are sent by the client.


If you are in search of the best Email to SMS service provider, you should look no further. is a world-class platform that lets you to emails and SMSes to your target clients right from your smartphone or computer. It converts emails to SMSes hence making it easy for you to reach out to customers who don’t use smartphones. It as well lets you choose how you will want to receive the messages once they are sent by your clients. This guarantees maximum productivity and assurance of increased sales with very little investment.