Learn advance development in welding techniques

Any technology is continuously evolving and welding is not an exception to it. Welding has improved manifold in the last few decades. Technology has evolved from MIG to smaw welding to solid state process welding, and many more and many different ways of accomplishing easy, precise and proper welding. They all differ in ways the welding machine works as well as in cost and ease. This blog article will tell you about the latest welding techniques and help you learn more about these advanced techniques. 

Laser welding

Most people are surprised when they get to know that lasers weld too, as lasers are often used to cut metal with the heated beams of light. When the heat energy of these lasers is concentrated onto a definite, often small patch, laser welding occurs. This is used at high speeds and is especially great for a narrow welding area.


Friction welding

Friction, as a concept has existed in practice in welding for many decades. This method heats the two parts intensely and when brought together with great force, they get welded together. This latest technique of welding can help join two different metals, for example, copper and silver.

Explosive welding

Similar to the above mentioned welding technique, explosive welding is a process that occurs due to extreme force. In other words, it is a solid state process of welding that uses chemical explosives in small quantities to weld two metals together. Among its many applications is welding cladding sheets.

Magnetic arc welding

The traditional way of metal inert gas welding or MIG welding has been replaced by an advancement that results in better precision as well as improved rate of travel. This advancement is magnetic arc welding. Although it is more expensive than older welding machines, all the work done with this latest welding technique leaves a consistent and a neat finish.

Ultrasonic welding
This welding technique has a wide range of applications for plastic as opposed to metal. This, like the name suggests, is used with the help of extremely high frequency sound. How? This ultrasonic sound heats up the materials to fuse them well together.

Electron beam welding

The last and latest welding technology we want to talk about is electron beam welding. This is done by letting high energy electrons flow and fire in the material, which causes them to create heat. This is how this welding machine performs. However, the optimum and the most effective way is to do it in a vacuum.

While it produces extremely precise and high quality and high standard welds, it is very expensive.

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Top Features You Should Look In A GPS Tracker for Your Kid

Ensuring the safety of their children is a primary concern for parents. With the increasing rate of crimes against children, it is becoming a matter of worry for both parents and schools.

Schools cover approximately 8-9 hours of a child’s regular schedule and has been seeing a surge in crime rates. To find a solution to this problem, parents have resorted to technology. One of the safety devices used for children recently is GPS tracker.

Ensuring the safety of their children is a primary concern for parents. With the increasing rate of crimes against children, it is becoming a matter of worry for both parents and schools.

Motion and speed alert

The time right from the boarding point in the morning to the end that their child reaches school is one of immense stress for parents. Only with GPS trackers can the route and status of school buses be monitored in real-time.

In case of rash driving or deviation from the regular route, authorities can be sent an alert immediately. Moreover, parents can be in touch via the one way calling device. Also, the tracker alerts parents regularly during the transit and when children reach school.

Ease of use

To have a GPS enabled watch with your kid is a great way to ensure security. With trackimo.com, you can get your kid a smartwatch that is comfortable to wear and the best in its job, that is, to keep the child safe. The watch is designed to update parents with minute details such as move alert, speed alert, virtual fence crossing alert, and has a device history of 5 years for precise analysis of the situation.

The watch has a battery life of 24 to 72 hours, depending upon the mode of use and network proximity. Moreover, the device is waterproof and can work for unlimited distance.


Having a GPS tracker with your kids at all times might not seem affordable to a lot of people. However, that does not imply that you will not be updated with the whereabouts of your child.

This was when GPS enabled ID cards to come into the role. These cards are not only easy to use but also require barely any investment. Ease of installation and use, along with its affordability, make GPS ID cards one of the best tracking devices.

Alerts for working parents

In many cases, it is seen that parents can’t be available at all times due to their work schedules. However, this should not be an obstacle to ensuring your child’s safety.

A GPS tracker can be programmed in a way to receive timely updates from your kid, for instance, when they’re leaving the school premises, updates during the transit, when the child is dropped off, and where.

Emergency calling feature

Most schools have a strict no-mobile-phone rule leaving parents with little or no updates from their children during the school hours. However, it becomes essential to provide children with a calling in case of any emergencies.

The emergency call button in GPS trackers can solve this problem for worrying parents. This button can send you an alert immediately and hence reduce the chances of mishap.

Security Concerns in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Networks

Blockchain, the underlying technologyof cryptocurrency is being explored across industries for various benefits. Many argue that blockchain might alter the way of trade, business function, trust, and governance because the technology relieves pain points.

The industries such as logistics, manufacturing, insurance, banking, finance, etc., have already implemented blockchain in one or other levels of the transaction.

To mention a few-

  • The People’s Bank of China (PBoC)will distribute ‘Yuan’, the digital currency to commercial banks and then to users soon. Cryptocurrency, digital money operates on the decentralized network.
  • At least six million families might have used ‘Petro’, the national cryptocurrency as the payment method to purchase goods and services in Venezuela.
  • The United Nations collects donations in Bitcoin (BTC) and Etheruem (ETH) through the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).
  • India is determined to install 40 GW of electricity capacity from solar plants by 2022, where peer-to-peer transactions of solar energy might occur through blockchain.
  • And, the list adds on every day.

Though there is an enormous amount of research and a larger number of pilot projects for blockchain, there are major concerns in cryptocurrency usage or implementing blockchain technology. It includes scalability, private-key theft, data breach, social repercussions, etc. The technology is still new to many industry verticals and it is subject to change as the ecosystem evolves further. As the ecosystem evolves, the associated risks will also shift.

This article focuses on security concerns with cryptocurrencies and blockchain – the underlying technology as a whole.

Security concerns and risks: Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

Here is a quick rundown of the major security concerns related to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Selfish mining

Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies use proof-of-work consensus mechanism. When mining pools become powerful to command significant mining ratios, they might get engaged in selfish mining. A pool may use computational power to mine a block and hide it from the view of miners. Further, if the selfish miner finds another block, they might get ahead of the other miners and seep all rewards. These conspiracies on a large-scalecause considerable harm to mining.


The attackers make more than one transaction using the same coin. Although reinforcement has been installed to mitigate this concern, some people might be able to attack and get benefit from using the same coin twice. Irreversibility is pointless because bitcoin is unregulated.

Though there is an enormous amount of research and a larger number of pilot projects for blockchain, there are major concerns

Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS)

Clients use wallets to manage Bitcoins and their transactions. It can be accessed online or via download. As they are encrypted and backed off-line, they are vulnerable to DDoS attacks. Researchers from Edinburgh University were able to find weak spots and intercept communication between the wallet and PCs using malware.

Time jacking

The attacker declares an erroneous timestamp while connecting to a node for a transaction. It alters the network time counter and deceives the node which leads to double-spending.

51 percent attack

When a mining pool becomes powerful enough to command over 50 percent of the mining power, it poses a threat to the network. It can manipulate transactions through double-spending or invalid blocks.

Moving forward, let us understand the security concerns of the underlying technology, blockchain. It adds to the concerns for cryptocurrency mining.

Security concerns and risks: Blockchain implementation

The technology itself has some major concerns. It is necessary to address them too while mining cryptocurrencies.

Endpoint vulnerabilities

With distributed ledger technology, vulnerabilities arise from outside. They are termed as endpoint vulnerabilities. Endpoints are spaces where technology and human meet. During the process of accessing the blockchain, the date on the chain is more vulnerable. The credential gets exposed by security weaknesses at endpoints.

Public and private key security

Blockchain requires both a public and private key for access. As the combination is hard to crack, the hackers do not guess keys but steal them. They attack the weakest point in the entire system like a personal computer or mobile device.

The same security vulnerabilities that make the devices susceptible to malware makes them targets for blockchain hackers too. The hackers can capture the data when blockchain keys are entered, displayed, or stored unencrypted.

Lack of standards and regulations

The lack of standard protocols puts blockchain engineers in a fix. The products of different companies operate on their set of rules. Each consortium has defined rules. Lack of standardization leads to security risks while integrating the chains. The solutions and risks get complex when no standards are followed.

The endnote

The cryptocurrency network isstill in development and threats are still emerging. The Financial Stability Oversight (FSOC), a US government organization finds risk associated directly with the blockchain. The limited experience in the blockchain industry leads to limited exposure to identify and respond to problems.

Cryptocurrency is being recognized and adopted worldwide. Though blockchain technology promises improved security, it presents its challenges too regarding security matters.

The responsibility lies in the hands of the individual user. The security challenges of online wallet providers or exchanges can be addressed by following best practices in cybersecurity, linking multiple users, and software solutions.

Why Should We Use Printing Technologies and Composite Products in Structures?

3D printing is nearly synonymous with rapid tooling these days, but that was not the case almost 20 years ago. The highly coveted manufacturing technique disrupted the established methods of creating highly sophisticated parts using computer-aided design software. The result was a new form of printing that gave us the means to bring to life our ideas suing lightweight structures at first. These days thing has changed, and 3D printing manages much better performance levels than the moment it was introduced. Workshops can handle custom-made geometries, and most of them can work with a large selection of materials such as plastics or ceramics. This is why the rapid tooling industry has set their eyes on composite products.

Composite materials work by the same principles as alloys. They are something new created using two or more pre-existing material in its raw state. The strategy, as you might guess, is to create something new that has a whole different set of features. All the components of this new composite material do not have the same functionality over a stricture as they would on their own. The composite procedure is usually a means to an end. The people who handle this process are generally looking for something new to help them deal with the shortcomings of raw materials. The most common examples of this are the engineering and chemistry that went into creating diverse polymers or metals that are stronger and cheaper to produce.

Printing Technologies

The Techniques that Bring Composite Materials to Life

Using composite material in the manufacturing industry is not exactly a new take. The possibilities for application are endless, but most of the efforts are focused on structural applications to enhance the performance of pre-existing products. It is pretty common to see how procedures like jetting, vat polymerization, binder, powder bed fusion, material extrusion, direct energy deposition, and sheet lamination are used to create new products based on the sustainable effects they have on materials such as natural fibers from plants or animals. This is a great way to open new paths of research to different takes on 3D printing and rapid tooling.

The creation of molds using these products could be a game-changer when it comes to the ability to perform for a specific task that demands a unique production cycle. Rapid tooling could be used to create the most durable molds we have yet to see, or we could look forward to seeing molds that perform exceedingly well for a single time to recycle and reuse the materials on something else. Keep in mind that all these possibilities are still being explored. Given the ever-increasing competition of manufacturing workshops around the world, someone is bound to come up with something very unique that could change the face of larger structures.

Factors to Keep In Mind While Choosing a Dedicated Server

The OS or any other program that you choose depends on your research understanding and knowledge in addition to the purposes you are going to use it for. The popular OS’s are UNIX which includes the Solaris as well as Linux systems and the Windows platform. Windows change more fees, but its consumers friendly. UNIX is more affordable; however, you need additional knowledge to make use of this program because it is somehow complicated. That said, it is essential to select a program that you’re acquainted with which means you won’t have problems applying, controlling, and applying its applications.

Data transfer levels

Generally, the transfer service allows you to select, which will typically offer you lots of gigabytes per month. It’s advisable to buy reasonable quantities of data transfer and then you will be able to improve the info transfer levels that are needed.

Data back up

Data back up

You must have great data backup for companies, especially when you have a niche site that’s continuously updating. Whenever choosing a separate server support, select a service that provides data backup services. There can be a supplementary price but protecting your computer data is vital to blocking lasting data loss.

Server monitoring

The cheap dedicated servers unmetered is monitored 24/7 to avoid disruptions in service. Be sure that your sponsor service tools maximum server checking every five minutes or so. The server may effectively manage and handle issues quickly.

Host Automation

It could make operating the server much simpler if the sponsor committed server service presents Web-based automation.

Various kinds of committed hosts are the Quad key, Twin key, 8 key, and Unmetered. Specific hosts provide powerful, large supply, minimal downtime, vibrant scalability, and have established to become a trusted server. A separate server matches the IT wants of most Company and organizations. When it comes to a server update, look at the operator and options that come with the full encompassing set-up.

They present several customs committed server possibilities for corporations of most sizes. Learn why Gigenet.com provides solid handled committed server setups.