Learn advance development in welding techniques

Any technology is continuously evolving and welding is not an exception to it. Welding has improved manifold in the last few decades. Technology has evolved from MIG to smaw welding to solid state process welding, and many more and many different ways of accomplishing easy, precise and proper welding. They all differ in ways the welding machine works as well […]

Top Features You Should Look In A GPS Tracker for Your Kid

Ensuring the safety of their children is a primary concern for parents. With the increasing rate of crimes against children, it is becoming a matter of worry for both parents and schools. Schools cover approximately 8-9 hours of a child’s regular schedule and has been seeing a surge in crime rates. To find a solution to this problem, parents have […]

Security Concerns in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Networks

Blockchain, the underlying technologyof cryptocurrency is being explored across industries for various benefits. Many argue that blockchain might alter the way of trade, business function, trust, and governance because the technology relieves pain points. The industries such as logistics, manufacturing, insurance, banking, finance, etc., have already implemented blockchain in one or other levels of the transaction. To mention a few- […]

Why Should We Use Printing Technologies and Composite Products in Structures?

3D printing is nearly synonymous with rapid tooling these days, but that was not the case almost 20 years ago. The highly coveted manufacturing technique disrupted the established methods of creating highly sophisticated parts using computer-aided design software. The result was a new form of printing that gave us the means to bring to life our ideas suing lightweight structures […]

Factors to Keep In Mind While Choosing a Dedicated Server

The OS or any other program that you choose depends on your research understanding and knowledge in addition to the purposes you are going to use it for. The popular OS’s are UNIX which includes the Solaris as well as Linux systems and the Windows platform. Windows change more fees, but its consumers friendly. UNIX is more affordable; however, you […]