How to use WeChat for marketing?

With big names in Australia, including Myers, David Jones and Chadstone, adopting WeChat as one of their major marketing channels, more and more businesses are trying to catch on the bandwagon. But how can you actually market your brand on WeChat? Step 1: Register an Official Account Having a WeChat Official Account to represent your business on the prominent Chinese […]

Hiring the Best Digital Marketing Agency—the Guide

Partnering with a digital marketing agency in Bali is quite the way to go for businesses that want to advertise their brands and companies throughout multiple channels. There’s no single trick to reaching out to broader audience besides doing what’s supposed to be done and in the right way. Get to know the fundamental considerations in finding the best marketing […]

Laptop Troubleshooting Tips before Calling a Tech

 Having a laptop can mean convenience and ease of use, but it also means that you have to be a responsible owner to know what and what not to do in case you face problems with it. You will be surprised to know that there are so many laptop issues that just have a very simple root cause. This is […]

Why Technical Support is Very Important to User Experience

When your clients run into problems with your services or your product, they can always contact the support team. But, not just your regular, off-the-mill technical assistance. For any Information Technology-related problems, customers will always contact technical support. Whether the issue is a user error, a technical or bug problems, it does not matter to the customers. They are paying […]

How to get a new postpaid phone connection

Want to buy a new postpaid plan but confused about which provider to go with? Read this article for more clarity. With an open economy spurring competition among rival brands across different business sectors, you are left confused about which product and service to buy. Should you opt for one company over another, is one product better than the rest, […]

Smart Chatbot Marketing Ways: Preparing for the AI Invasion

For a lot of professionals, the term bot has been connected with badness. If you ask a computer security expert, whenever there is artificial intelligence that is involved, it usually commits malicious acts and harnesses a lot of innocent computers and devices to engage in dangerous and harmful deeds. But because of the emergence of good bots, and to the […]

Advantages of Installing Home and Office Cameras

When you are roaming around the public places, you will notice cameras, especially in front of the gates and doors. So, the moment you enter the building, there would be a record of guests, visitors and employees that will be stored digitally. The same thing happens when you install surveillance cameras at home. Anyway, wherever the camera is, the goal […]

Embedded Systems For Transportation

In today’s world, we have some of the most advanced transportation ever, and it’s only becoming more and more advanced as we move further into the 21st century. In fact, in the upcoming 2020s, which is very soon, is it said that self-driving vehicles will be taking place. We already have a device like a platform in cars that tell […]

The World Famous: Dunkin Brands

Are you a foodie? Do you love eating outside the home? Do you want to have the best quality coffee in the world? Then Dunkin brands is the best choice for you. Dunkin brands is a world-famous brand known for its quick service restaurants. It offers its customers with high-quality coffee (both hot and cold), beverages, ice-creams and baked goods. […]